Tooq Inc

Tooq Inc

Tooq Inc. aims to replace the services of recruiters at a fraction of the cost while handling the billing and payment between parties via a service provided at

Recruiters are used frequently in the IT market and while often valuable, the service is expensive for the business hiring, leaving less money for the contractor. Other means of finding contract or freelance work, including large job sites, involve plenty of noise, spam and often privacy concerns.

For the hiring business, Tooq will provide a shortlist of available candidates in ranked order. Businesses will pay only a small fee on their job posting that is reimbursed if the position is filled using the service.

For contractors and freelancers, an extensively customizable profile allows for very tight controls on what notifications are let through. The candidates profile is not able to be trolled by spammers and the ability to opt out of being shortlisted for a position is available.

After a candidate is hired, the website will handle the billing and payments between the employer and contractor, only taking the fee when the bill is paid. All parties will be aware of the fees paid to Tooq for the contract. While recruiters charge 10-35% for many positions, Tooq will offer services at a small fraction of their fee.

Releasing in phases, the first phase of the site includes the ability to create and send estimates, invoices and sales receipts via email. This allows Tooq to grow a user base of available candidates and fine tune our launch of the recruitment module in mid 2010. The billing module is currently in private beta. To request beta access, send an email to

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