In 2004, our founder Keith Schorsch was diagnosed with Lyme Disease after he was bitten by a tick on the East Coast. After seeing 11 doctors, he had plenty of expert opinions. He found lots of information online. What he didn’t have was honest, credible insight from real people. People who could share their personal stories and offer relevant and useful health information. People who’d been there.

Inspired by the possibilities, Keith began work on Trusera in 2007. He aspired to create an online health network where people could find and share health experiences with others who had been there. By connecting people who were passionate about their health and harnessing the power of shared experiences, Keith aimed to help others avoid the confusing and debilitating journey he had experienced. Since its launch in June 2008, Trusera has grown to thousands of users who find and share personal health stories, questions, answers, and recommendations.

Our Principles
• We believe that people are more than the sum of their health conditions. We’re unique individuals who need personalized solutions.
• We believe that each person’s experience has value and that sharing that experience has power – the power to change lives.
• We believe in sharing with a purpose because useful information encourages people to take action.
• We believe in privacy. People should have complete control of their online content and identity and be able to choose with whom they share it.


2011 E Olive St
Seattle, Washington, United States