We think this internet thing is going to be big. You don't need money to access great services online - just sign up for a free account. You can share your photos from last night on Facebook, locate missing friends by email, and tell the world how you're recovering using Twitter.

Sharing that information is easy (and getting easier). Choosing who you share that information with and who may access it is another story. How you organize your friends, family, co-workers and acquaintances is unique to you.

TrustMe is a technology that allows you to create circles of trust online and incorporate them into your favorite applications and web sites. You can use TrustMe to allow friends and family as much or as little access to your life online as you'd like while easily making sure that strangers don't know your credit card number or where you sleep.

In geek terms: TrustMe is a platform for incorporating trust as part of the social graph.

From our Moncton, New Brunswick headquarters we set out to use this new technology to solve a decades-old problem - how do you make email secure? Email sent across the internet unencrypted can be intercepted and filtered for phrases like "don't tell anyone" or for sequences of sixteen digit numbers that could be credit card numbers.

You can now use TrustMe Desktop, an application created by TrustMe to enable FREE, encrypted email that even the not-so-geeky among us would use. We also created TrustMe Business, a powerful enterprise administrated version, to pay the bills.


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