TuneyFish is a video sharing community made up of automotive enthusiasts that perform modifications to their vehicle.

The purpose is to provide a platform for new enthusiasts to learn by watching as opposed to reading through tech articles and old email archives.

TuneyFish offers a free account with up to 1gb of free storage/month. A pro account entitles the member to unlimited video storage, as well as the ability to upload HD videos on their own channel.

TuneyFish also provides the SMB automotive performance shops with the ability to have an embedded / branded channel on their website. They can build a community around their local business of enthusiasts who all share photos and videos of events.

We differentiate by providing the enthusiast all the tools and resources to create video about their project with the specific focus on DIY projects. We have been serving the automotive aftermarket since 2004 online with http://www.detroitturbo.com.


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