UBC Continuing Studies

UBC Continuing Studies

UBC Continuing Studies Technology, Media and Professional Programs helps you gain the knowledge and skills you need to advance in your current profession or embark on a new career. From informative workshops to comprehensive certificates, our programs provide practical, applied and industry-recognized curriculum. Discover opportunities to build connections, create networks, and learn from leading academics and business professionals.

Programs may be taken part time or full-time, in person or in an online format. Most courses take place in downtown Vancouver at UBC Robson Square.

Programs and courses include:

  • Business and Technology Management – Business Analysis, E-Learning, Office Technology, Project Management, Program Management
  • Digital Media and Communications – Digital Analytics and Web Intelligence, Digital Asset Management, Digital Content and Communications, Digital Strategy, Social Media
  • IT and Applied Technology - Enterprise IT, IT Certifications (including Cisco, CompTIA, Microsoft), Network Systems and Security
  • Multimedia Design and Web Development - Mobile Technology, Design and Marketing, Multimedia and Web Design, Web Development (including Web Programming, HTML5, Ruby on Rails)

    Internet Marketing, Web Design & Development, Miscellaneous, Mobile, Social Media, iPhone and iPad App Developers

Events Hosted by UBC Continuing Studies

UBC Digital Communications and Planning
Are you an early adopter or just getting started? Find out where your organization lies on the digital maturity scale and develop a communications plan to ensure success. Gain an overview of the... more
UBC User Experience Strategy
Your audience and their path of engagement are vital to an innovative and responsive digital communications strategy. How do you plan, design and manage exceptional websites, intranets, microsites... more
Agile Delivery Methods
Agile approaches are changing how software is developed and the impact is being felt far outside the technology teams in which they originated. Ideal for business analysts, project managers, or... more
UBC Digital Content and Storytelling
People are sharing their own stories and building relationships with each other every day. Brands can no longer simply disrupt these conversations to broadcast marketing messages; they need to tell... more
Agile Development for Product Managers
As a product manager, how can you work with an agile software development team to deliver what your customers want, when they want it? Create a product vision and framework for managing software... more
UBC Digital IP and Rights Management
Unlimited online access has opened up a space that is open-sourced, user-generated and user-controlled. Understanding the underlying principles of digital intellectual property is critical to any... more
UBC Project Management for Digital Communications
The complexity of digital communications projects such as when creating apps, microsites and web portals, requires strong project management skills and an understanding of the digital context.... more
UBC Summer Institute in Visual Design and Adobe Illustrator
For those who wish to design or illustrate professionally, or even those who don’t know how to draw. Learn to create professional illustrations and smartphone icons with most popular vector-based... more
UBC Summer Institute in Adobe Photoshop
Build your own creative design project that demonstrates and incorporates the variety of the tools and techniques covered in this one-week course. Transform your images with graphics, layers, and... more
UBC Summer Institute in Professional Video Production
Learn to produce a video from start to finish in this week-long, intensive video production course. Discover the fundamentals of pre-production, shooting, and post-production best practices based... more

News on UBC Continuing Studies

Become a Web Development Superhero
HTML5 is revolutionizing web development. Together with JavaScript and CSS3, HTML5 enables the creation of sophisticated web applications across desktop, tablet and mobile devices. Responding to... more

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