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Uber Canada

Uber Canada is the Canadian branch of a San Francisco based technology startup is innovating at the intersection of mobile technology, car transportation & logistics. Uber is transforming your transportation experience into an on demand app that fits an efficient and modern lifestyle.


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What Do Google, Ford, Uber, Volvo, and Lyft Have in Common?
A group of five notable companies want autonomous vehicles in the hands of consumers as soon as possible. Google, Ford, Uber, Volvo, and Lyft are forming a coalition to help bring self-driving... more
Toronto, Ottawa Look to Legalize Uber
Two more Canadian cities are moving forward with plans to legalize - and regulate - Uber.City staff in Toronto and Ottawa have developed draft regulations that would create a new set of rules for... more
Uber Connects Canadian Startups with Investors with #UberPITCH
Canadian entrepreneurs, visionaries and self-starters – your big break is arriving now. On April 7, from 11am to 3pm, you have the chance to make your passion a reality. Request UberPITCH... more
Rising Popularity of Sharing Economy Disrupting Markets, Forcing Changes to Regulation
According to a new report produced by MaRS Solutions Lab, the rising popularity of the sharing economy is disrupting existing markets and forcing governments to rethink regulation. MaRS Solutions... more
Uber CEO to Vancouver: If You Don't Like Traffic, Drunk Driving, Pollution – Then You'll love Uber
According to Uber CEO and cofounder Travis Kalanick, Vancouer is the only city that Uber has had to back out of. So when Techvibes was invited by Launch Academy and SheTalks to cover a fireside... more
Will Quebec Finally Legalize Uber – Or Just Ban It Altogether?
For a brief moment, it looked like Quebec might be poised to become the second jurisdiction in Canada to give ride-hailing service Uber official permission to operate. In a provincial cabinet... more
Edmonton Becomes Canada's First City to Legalize Uber
This week, city councillors in Edmonton voted to legalize Uber. Edmonton is now the first Canadian municipality to legalize Uber, effective March 1. SEE ALSO: Competition Bureau Favours Uber... more
UberHop, Uber's Answer to Ridesharing, Launches Pilot in Toronto
Uber launched in Toronto in 2012. Its time in the city has been tumultuous but the transporation company hasn't stopped. Uber's latest action in Toronto is the launch of uberHOP, a ridesharing... more
Competition Bureau Favours Uber Over Taxis, Says Regulations Should Be Relaxed
Canada’s Competition Bureau is calling on regulators to modernize the rules governing the taxi industry and create a level playing field for ride-hailing services like Uber. "The arrival... more
Uber Not Just Taking Customers from Taxis – It's Creating a New Market
Uber isn’t just taking business from taxi companies, it might also be creating a new market, according to a new report commissioned by the City of Ottawa. The report, prepared by the Mowat... more
Montreal Hopes Dress Codes, Courtesy Rules Will Make Taxis More Appealing Than Uber
Can a uniform and common courtesy sway consumers toward taxis over Uber? Montreal city council hopes so. The council is enforcing new rules for taxi rules effective January. In 2016, Montreal... more
Uber Vancouver Petition Almost at Goal of 50,000 Signatures
Uber is close to reaching its goal of 50,000 signatures on a petition to let the company operate in Vancouver. Currently at 46,000 signatures, the petition exists because Uber says it "Uber... more
Shopify Announces Partnership with Uber to Offer Same-Day Delivery
Shopify today announced a partnership with Uber to offer UberRUSH delivery services to Shopify merchants. Starting today, merchants enrolled in the program can offer their local customers same-day... more
Uber Boosts Appeal to Corporate Customers with Launch of 'Business Profiles'
Business-to-business is becoming an increasingly large component of Uber's business. Uber for Business, which manages corporate travel for enterprises by providing a single dashboard for all... more
Uber Bringing Puppy Playtime to Vancouver Offices
Tomorrow, offices in Vancouver will be able to order puppies from Uber to play with. The company, which doesn't currently operate its ride service in the city, has teamed up with CAARE Rescue.... more
Uber Enters Four More Ontario Cities: Waterloo, London, Hamilton, and Guelph
Uber has arrived in Southwestern Ontario. Effective later today, the service will be active in London, Waterloo Region, Hamilton, and Guelph. Through Sunday, up to four rides per new customer... more
Attention, Toronto: UberEATS Wants to Give You Free Ice Cream Today
For one day, UberEATS is "delivering childhood nostalgia" in 10 minutes or less to Torontonians. Quoth UberEATS: This Friday, order #UberIceCream on EATS and you have the choice of kicking it... more
If Not Uber, Then Something Else: The Taxi Industry Must Accept Its Looming Revolution
The other day, I took a taxi home from the airport. The driver seemed professional enough. But then he took a wrong turn. Rather than taking a highway that would deposit us close to home, he... more
How Uber is Taking Over the World
If you live in Toronto, you’ve inevitably been asked the following question: "Have you ever Ubered?" Three and a half years ago, Toronto became one of hundreds of cities to welcome Uber.... more
Toronto Mayor Calls for Meeting with Reps from Uber, Taxi Industry
Last week, an Ontario court ruled in favour of ridesharing in Toronto and dismissed the City's case to shut down Uber. Uber made this statement: This decision means that you can continue to... more
Taxi Drivers Clog Downtown Toronto as City Pushes to Shut Uber Down
Roughly 500 taxi drivers staged a protest in Toronto this morning. The protest, which clogged the streets outside Toronto City Hall, was timed with the start of a court hearing into the... more
Officials Search Uber's Montreal Offices on Grounds of Tax Violations
Uber may have violated provincial tax legislation, officials say. Roughly 20 Revenue Quebec investigators were inside Uber's offices in Montreal this morning to fiind out, according to a... more
Quebec Tackles Sharing Economy: First Uber, Now Airbnb
The Quebec government is planning to introduce new regulations for Airbnb. The announcement, made last week, came just one day after authorities in Montreal announced they have seized 40 vehicles... more
Food Delivery in 10 Minutes: Uber May Launch UberEats in Toronto
Uber may be in the process of bringing its UberEats service to Toronto. According to emails obtained by MobileSyrup, several local restaurants have been contacted by Uber about... more
Six Reasons Your Company Should Host Internal Hackathons
Pedram Keyani, who has organized dozens of hackathons while working at Facebook and Uber, has seen how these fun, energetic events can positively permeate company culture. On Medium, Keyani... more
Uber Toronto Creatively Curbs Drunk Driving with New Curbside Breathalyzer
Uber has developed a curb-side breathalyzer to help keep streets safe and last weekend it was in action in Toronto. The custom-built sidewalk kiosk helps guide users to hail a driver for a safe... more
Success of Uber in Canada Has Huge Implications for Consumer Tech Companies
Each morning when I wake up, I head to one of two coffee shops: The Drake Hotel Café in Toronto or Sightglass Coffee in San Francisco. From there, I almost always do the same thing once I... more
Taxi Companies Drop Lawsuit Against Uber in Vancouver
The four Vancouver Taxi companies that joined forces to block Uber from launching in the city have backed down. The Vancouver Taxi Association issued a statement, saying it dropped the lawsuit... more
Uber’s Identity Crisis and Its Place in the ‘Sharing Economy’
If you’re at all unfamiliar with Uber, the popular ride-sharing service that connects drivers with people looking for rides, you may be unaware of the recent legal battles surrounding this... more
Uber Vows to Stay in Montreal Even After Drivers' Vehicles Seized
Uber says it won’t let a crackdown by authorities in Montreal drive it out of the city. At least two UberX drivers in Montreal recently had their vehicles seized by authorities, according to... more
Uber's Problem Is Not That It's Too Disruptive - It's That It's Not Disruptive Enough
I used UberX for the first time last weekend. The app itself made ordering a ride easier than calling the taxi company. Knowing how far away the car was and exactly when it would arrive was also... more
UberX Rolls into Edmonton
Uber Canada introduced its highly popular ridesharing product, uberX, to the City of Edmonton, Alberta today by offering free rides and Goodwill donation pick-ups. The launch was made official with... more
Five of the Stupidest Things Uber Has Ever Done
    Uber continues to make poor decisions in its response to increasingly grotesque actions by its executives. Despite being valued at $40 billion, the San Francisco-based car service... more
Lockdown in Sydney Prompts Surge Pricing from Uber, Spurring Further Controversy
The controversy surrounding Uber continues. When the city of Sydney in Australia faced a lockdown and hostage situation this morning, Uber's automated surge pricing kicked in due to demand... more
Competition Bureau Believes Uber Benefits Consumers, Suggests Governments Back Off
The federal agency responsible for enforcing Canada’s competition laws has come out in favour of Uber and other taxi apps. In a commentary published its website, the Competition... more
Uber Planning $1 Billion Funding Round at $40 Billion Valuation Ahead of Vancouver Launch
Uber is planning to raise a massive round at a colossal valuation, new reports suggest. Citing anonymous sources, Bloomberg News reports that Uber is seeking to raise as much as $1 billion in a... more
#LetThemEatCake (Or What This Whole Uber Conversation is Really About)
“Let them eat cake,” or the French translation “Qu'ils mangent de la brioche,” are famous symbols of oppression that have largely been forgotten in our on-demand world.... more
Toronto Says Uber Poses 'Serious Risk to Public,' Asks Court to Ban All Operations in City
Uber, which just fell under fire after an executive proposed digging up dirt on journalists who wrote negatively about the company, is now facing renewed heat from the City of Toronto. Today,... more
NPA Proposes Creation of Mayor’s Innovation Council to Support Vancouver Technology
Today at Launch Academy mayoral candidate Kirk LaPointe announced that, if victorious, his NPA government will establish a Mayor’s Innovation Council to attract technology investment to... more
Uber Starts Petition So It Can Re-Launch in Vancouver Without Getting Immediately Destroyed
Uber has started a petition to launch in Vancouver. "So many residents are disappointed by Vancouver's limited transportation options," the company argues. "The Province of British Columbia, at... more
BC Police Plan Undercover Assault on Uber's Vancouver Expansion
Uber first tried launching in Vancouver in 2012. The launch failed due to regulatory hurdles and Vancouver became the first city in the world Uber was forced to back away from. Now rumours are... more
Why Uber Should Have Launched in Vancouver First
In the fight of the global cities, it is known that Toronto competes with Chicago and New York to be the center of the universe, Montreal ambitions to be like Paris and London as capital of culture... more
Uber Aggressively Hiring Staff in Vancouver Despite City Moratorium
CBC News reported this morning that Uber is looking to hire managers in Vancouver despite the city government's decision last week to impose a six-month moratorium on issuing new... more
Uber Asks Toronto to Petition City Council for uberX
As an innovative new industry, ridesharing is not covered by Toronto's existing taxi regulations. But taxi companies are pressuring Toronto City Hall candidates to stifle competition, maintain the... more
Uber Delivers Ice Cream Today in Montreal, Toronto, Calgary, and Vancouver
No matter where you are in the world, nothing captures the sweetness of a sunny afternoon better than ice cream. Today, July 18th, Uber is serving cold treats on demand alongside 144 Uber cities,... more
Uber Offers Torontoians Discounted Rides to the Polls
Team Uber Toronto wants you to get out and vote. To help they're offering Torontoians discounted rides to and from the polls on voting day, Thursday, June 12th. Here's how to get your discounted... more
Uber Has Expanded to 130 Cities, Vancouver Remains Only One It's Ever Had to Back Away From
Uber, which recently raised a massive $1.2 billion round of venture capital to value it at a staggering $18 billion—rendering it one of the most valuable private companies in the... more
Uber Launches Water Taxi Service in Muskoka
Uber is enterting cottage country with the opening of a water taxi service in Muskoka. "We’re excited to announce that for all long weekends this summer, we’re trading in the hot... more
Spotify for Stuffed Animals: When Unoriginal Apps Change the Paint Job
Two pitches from app startups. Nothing out of the ordinary there. I was pegged to write about them, profiling the apps and interviewing their developers. I was on-side until the moment that I... more
Too Drunk to Donate? Uber's Got Your Back with the UberSleigh in Toronto
Uber is the San Francisco-based startup that has "revolutionized" taxi service by moving transactions from a telephone to a cell phone. Instead of booking a cab by phone and paying the driver in... more
Uber Taxi Service Comes to Montreal
Uber is rolling out in another Canadian city: Montreal. Currently in a testing phase, the popular—and controversial—taxi service says it's excited to "start rolling out the most... more
Why Aron Solomon is Not an Asshole
Over coffee at the MaRS Discovery District Aron Solomon told me that we can come to know people (to a certain degree) through online mediums like Twitter. I disagreed. The person sitting across... more
Uber Toronto Activates Surge Pricing During Storm, Triggering a Bad PR Storm of Its Own [Updated]
Yesterday evening, a sudden and powerful rainstorm slammed the city of Toronto. Four inches of rain poured down on the city in almost an instant, causing power losses, submerging cars, and flooding... more
Uber Launches App for BlackBerry, Windows Phone
Uber has launched a dedicated app for BlackBerry 7. The Silicon Valley startup's controversially disruptive black car and taxi hire service has had some difficulties penetrating the Toronto and... more

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