UCIT Online

UCIT Online

UCIT Online is a hi-tech security company strictly focusing on video surveillance and remote monitoring technology designed to replace security guards in a variety of sectors.

UCIT Online was founded by Sidney Sommer in 2003. With nearly a decade of experience in the security/surveillance industry, he began his career working for Vidair AG, a German aerospace company specializing in onboard video surveillance systems.

While working at Vidair, Sidney successfully launched the North American Sales and Marketing operations in Toronto, Canada (1999) as well as the Sales and Technical Support Centre in San Antonio, Texas (2001).
Shortly after the terrorist attacks of September 11th, 2001, Sidney Sommer was among a distinguished group of technical specialists invited by Boeing to provide a demonstration of a Cockpit Door Surveillance System. Following that engagement, the Federal Aviation Authority (FAA) began allocating significant funds for further development of such systems.

Today Sidney is focusing all his energy towards a cure for the ever-increasing epidemic of construction site material theft.


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