UIM Internet Solutions

UIM Internet Solutions

User in Mind Internet Solutions. (UIM) is a Toronto-based firm founded in 1998. The company provides Internet-based solutions to an international clientele in support of building relationships, strengthening brands, facilitating business and expanding organizational knowledge. The guiding philosophy behind all UIM initiatives is the role of the end users to which a project is directed. Addressing this group's needs and preferences distinguish highly effective programs from the rest. It has also served to differentiate UIM's approach within the industry and reaffirm the company's four business fundamentals:

1.Develop and articulate an appropriate online strategy
2.Design, program and implement user-centric client initiatives/infrastructure
3.Integrate projects into existing business operations, both procedurally and technically
4.Optimize client work to ensure the design and functionality caters to the needs of the targeted users

Today's successful strategic business initiatives require the entire enterprise to work together - from back-end information processing to front-end customer service. They also require integration of business processes across organizational boundaries, as well as extensive control of the organization. To this end, systems integration is a major part of UIM's business, as the firm endeavours to provide value-added solutions and effective experiences with an emphasis on technology and standardization, service and support.

The company is guided by four main principles:

UIM strives to develop online initiatives and employ technologies in a manner that is breathtakingly original and redefines the competitive landscape in favour of its clients.

The UIM approach begins by determining the client's target audience and understanding the challenges they face. Clarity is key in ensuring the success and overall effectiveness of a project.

UIM clients deserve a clearly defined picture of what they are getting and can therefore expect tangible goals and an explicit plan to be established from the outset.

The UIM definition of success extends beyond the bottom line to include such measurements as the well being of our staff, support of our clients, an ongoing presence in the community, and the promotion of a dynamic learning environment.

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