UQ Events

UQ Events

UQ Events is a web-based social-networking service that allows people to post, find and share events and event information.


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Vancouver's Events Sites: I'm a Fan
Although, we all love to complain about the weather in Vancouver (just take a look outside) I would say the next most compained about non-political (READ: homelessness, Vancouver 2010 and the meth... more
Urbantastic retreats to their cocoon
At Launch Party Vancouver 5, Urbantastic demoed their online events calendar and ended up walking away with the LPV5 People's Choice Award and box seats to a Vancouver Giants game thanks to their... more
UQ Events tackles event calendar space
Looks like Launch Party Vancouver's People's Choice Award winner might have some local competition in the Event Calendar market. Newly launched UQ Events is a web-based social-networking service... more

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