We are creating an alternative economy of non-paid labour. While this encompasses existing volunteer and pro-bono work, we are also bringing a third category of unpaid work further into the mainstream: the collaboration models of projects like Wikipedia and Open Source Software.

Our product is an engaged citizen. Modern online projects have developed extremely sophisticated and effective communications and incentivizing techniques: our goal is to create a place where traditional community organizations and a new generation of volunteers use these tools together. The end result will not only be a more capable non-profit sector, it will also be a new volunteer population with honed collaboration skills, work-related experience, and a willingness to engage with problems and new opportunities in their cities.

Put plainly: there is a pool of young, talented people who are not actively donating time to causes they believe in. There is a desire, but the avenues of engagement are inadequate. We are in the process of correcting this using the tools of that generation.


News on Urbantastic

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