Utherverse Digital

Utherverse Digital

The Utherverse is the internet come to life in 3D. Rather than surfing from site to site in a disembodied browser, each user of the Utherverse gets an Avatar which becomes their persona. They use that avatar to walk or teleport from place to place throughout this 3D world – a world filled with clubs, shops, theaters, residences and other users, whom they can meet and interact with as they desire.

It is a virtual world where the web is just one tool, almost like a library. A user may click on another user to see their picture or business card. They may click on a book in a bookstore to learn more about it, buy it, or even “sit” in a virtual chair and read it -- online. They may click on a microphone to sing their Karaoke song to a packed nightclub. They may use the internet in any way they can imagine, but in the Utherverse, it is all simpler, more engaging and more natural.

Now imagine millions of these virtual worlds, all of them connected, searchable, and customized by their residents… A universe teaming with people, that can provide its users with jobs, shopping, entertainment, education and socialization. This is the Utherverse.

The Utherverse concept is so compelling, that when people ‘get it’ they realize that it is an inevitable evolution of the internet. The effect is so profound that Utherverse has been able to attract a dream team staff with the best of the best at every level in the company. At the top levels of management, the team are also the owners and investors – having invested many millions in cash, and millions of dollars of value in the form of labor and support from companies they control.


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