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Prices are the most fundamental drivers in commerce. Yet Prices are usually ‘guessed’ by the Sellers (for instance by adding a markup over cost), and therefore far from perfect, both for Buyers and for Sellers. Sometimes Prices are determined by Haggling or Auctions. In theory, those are very efficient methods for determining Prices. But in practice, they’re time-consuming, complex, and frustrating.

In 1978, airlines invented new techniques for pricing their products, called ‘Revenue Management’. It changed their business forever. As a Consumer, you probably dislike the plane tickets jumping by several hundred dollars overnight. However, the same Consumer probably enjoys being able to fly for much, much cheaper prices! As for the airlines, it increased their revenue very significantly...

Amazingly, a good Pricing is not a zero-sum game: it can benefit both Buyers and Sellers! Since then, this ‘science of Pricing’ has been adopted by hotels, car rentals, utility, toll roads, manufacturing, retailers... Soon the price of your Orange juice will be dynamic, as shown by supermarket moving to electronic price tags. But until now, Scientific Pricing was complex, costly, and reserved to Fortune 500 companies.

Valu Valu now democratizes efficient and automatic pricing. From now on, small companies and even classifieds users will benefit from dynamic pricing science as if they were multi-billion dollar corporations...


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