For over 26 years, VEMCO has been designing and manufacturing underwater acoustic telemetry equipment for fisheries, biologists, and aquatic research specialists. Exporting to over 50 countries worldwide, our primary area of expertise lies in providing customized underwater acoustic telemetry and tracking equipment to scientists studying the behaviour patterns of marine and freshwater animals.

Our product line includes various types and sizes of underwater acoustic transmitters that are attached to fish, automated receivers for long term fish behavioural studies, receivers that deliver real-time, high-resolution position information, and temperature and depth data storage recorders. Our modern, state-of-the-art production facility is equipped with advanced manufacturing equipment, a calibration laboratory, and ocean access nearby for field trials of new equipment.

One of the key determining factors in our success has been our ability to deliver customized equipment. For researchers studying very small fish such as salmon smolts, we manufacture acoustic transmitters that weigh as little as two grams in water. For those tracking a species like giant sturgeon, we have large tags that can be equipped with temperature and pressure sensors and will last for multiple years.

The same degree of application flexibility is available in our receiver equipment line. Our single channel receivers are moored underwater for over twelve months at a time and record identification information from thousands of individual fish during migration cycles. Our real time receivers are used from a boat or land to determine and display detailed behaviour patterns of fish during spawning seasons or while environmental changes are occurring.

VEMCO has also developed acoustic tracking equipment for specific sectors, including hydroelectric utilities studying animal passage and behaviour. Our equipment provides operators with detailed, around-the-clock information on fish behaviour in the forebay area of a dam.

VEMCO is committed to delivering the highest level of customer service through an investment in on-going research and development. We will continue to broaden our product line by taking into consideration each customer's requirements and needs.


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