Venture Media

Venture Media

Venture Media is unique. Think of it like a tech lab, building and evolving great tech ideas and projects with millions of eyeballs on our projects across mobile, social and the web. The success of our mobile/web/social projects such as, our domain platform,, (and more) have allowed us the luxury of picking and choosing new or revamped ideas to either run with, or gather learning from to add to another project.

Instagram: venture_media

Internet Marketing, Software, Web Design & Development, E-Commerce, Miscellaneous, Mobile, Gaming, Social Media, Startup, App Developers

Job Opportunities at Venture Media

QA Analyst
You are a QA Analyst with a passion for making things better and a knack for finding what is missing. No matter how long you have been doing QA, your reputation for reliability and that rare gift... more
iOS Developer
You are a full stack software engineer turned mobile, because you believe in a future where every individual carries a powerful and portable micro-computer. You’ve written several native iOS apps... more

201 - 1020 Hamilton Street
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada