Weever Apps

Weever Apps

Weever Apps is a new service that turns almost any site into a true web app for Apple iPhone and iPad, Blackberry Torch, Bold touch and Playbook, Android Phones and Tablets – instantly and affordably. Weever's cutting-edge mobile app framework allows us to rapidly develop HTML5 feature-rich apps. Weever Apps works in the browser, but it can also be installed like any other mobile app as an icon on device by QR code scan or link to URL.

As mobile marketing experts, Weever Apps provides a way for companies to reach out and engage an entire new customer base in the fastest growing trend in the marketplace; mobile apps. With half of every local internet search now executed on a mobile device your customers will now be able to instantly access your company information wherever they are engaging themselves in your mobile app prompting them to specific calls to action allowing you to drive new sales growth. Additionally, you can retain current customers and provide information allowing them to become more engaged and personally connected to you, finding you on the map, see features of the day and specials, sign up for the newsletter, refer you to others and provide feedback on your product and services. Many companies are leveraging unique QR codes and mobile web apps for mobile marketing for contests, store promotions, product launches, mobile couponing and events.

Here are some other product benefits:

  • Accessible – A non-technical administrator can update the app real time from desktop to mobile app version.
  • Rapid creation of App reduces your Time-to-Market
  • Increases your Market Reach since App works on all popular smartphones and tablets
  • Simple to build requiring no development skills or programming
  • Provide no long term commitments – monthly plans optional
  • Proven reliable technology with thousands of customers in 45 countries
  • Affordable – Basic Apps are free.
  • Simplicity/Ease of Use – Weever Apps provides an easy to navigate menu that provides simple navigation for the mobile user.
  • Low implementation cost – Weever App technology is based on simple HTML 5 development tools that enable low cost development process.

Here are the product features:

  • QR codes – Company branded: Publish on site, print media and website. QR code instantly launches app
  • Videos – YouTube and Vimeo
  • Pictures – Features, locations
  • GPS based maps – Map out all your locations
  • Location Based Services
  • SMS Text Push Notifications
  • Contact – Click-to-call/email
  • Social – Facebook, Twitter
  • Welcome pages – Promoting features of the day, product materials and advertising revenue generation
  • Sign-up forms – Request a reservation, newsletter, rate my service/experience, generate leads and integrate with your CRM and Automated Email Marketing platforms

    Internet Marketing, Software, Wireless, E-Commerce, Mobile, Social Media, Startup

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