West17Media may be newly founded but we are a team of experienced social media professionals who have the background and skills to help you and your organization succeed.

The big difference us and the other guys is that our conversations with you are about your business objectives and how we can work within your existing practices to grow your business. We focus on the business of marketing; not on new acronyms and special terms or phrases. Through all of our efforts there will be a pervasive effort to apply tools, strategies and methods internally and externally to your organization that facilitate measurement of marketing success.

Learn about our services or contact us today to discuss how West17Media can help your organization.

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Calgary’s West17 Media announces a Social Media Conference for Senior Marketers and Executives
West17Media will be hosting a conference on Social media for Marketers, Senior management and Executives called "Social Media Innovation Summit: "Listen, Strategize, Engage". The event will be a... more

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