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Wind Mobile

Simply put, we want to create the most unforgettably positive customer experience in Canada.

How? By speaking with you, not at or over you. By making every site you visit, every store you set foot in and every call you have with us into a meaningful conversation to help build something better - together. We'll make it as easy as possible to be a customer. You'll have more control over your mobile experience than you've ever had before. And you'll get all this at a price you can afford.

The result of this vision, the core of what we all believe, is how it effects you...our customers, our partners.

Dialogue. Simplicity. Control. And Value.


WIND is an established and growing brand with a successful history of over 10 years in two large European markets (Italy and Greece). WIND is a brand of Wind Telecomunicazione, an operating unit of Weather Investments s.p.A., and its customer base shares a very similar profile with our primary target segment.
By choosing the brand name WIND, we’re not only leveraging its legacy as a challenger, but also its operational intelligence and global experience, bringing global standards for value and service to Canada. This provides us with a solid launching pad as we enter a very competitive and closely held market.

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News on Wind Mobile

The Entrepreneurial Evolution of Canadian Culture
Yesterday the Canadian Club of Toronto held a lunch and panel discussion called "Raising a Billion Dollar Baby" in downtown Toronto. The purpose of the panel discussion was ostensibly how to build... more
Shaw Closes $1.6-Billion Acquisition of Wind Mobile
Shaw's $1.6 billion acquisition of Wind Mobile has formally closed. Shaw is now the primary competitor to the "Big Three" of Rogers, Telus, and Bell. Last month the federal Competition Bureau... more
Wind Mobile Completes Network Upgrades in Vancouver, Moves on to Calgary
Wind Mobile has completed a significant upgrade to its network infrastructure in Vancouver. The result is better coverage, faster data speeds, and improved call quality. As a Wind customer I... more
The Big Four? Following Shaw Deal, Wind Looks to Follow in Steps of Rogers, Telus, Bell
For a brief time, Canada had a fourth wireless carrier that, while flawed, was truly independent of the Big Three. Now that Shaw owns Wind, it seems that the once-scrappy defender of consumers... more
Wind Mobile, Nokia Networks Commit to Better Experience for Canadian Customers
Nokia Networks will work with Wind Mobile as its network infrastructure provider and innovation partner to bring LTE network technology to Wind customers. Nokia Networks says it... more
Wind Mobile Partners with LifeLine Syria to Supply Refugees in Canada with Phones, Data
Wind Mobile is partnering with LifeLine Syria to help Syrian refugee families. The company says it is providing refugee families coming to Canada with mobile phones and wireless service at no... more
Wind Mobile Now Covers 99% of Canadian Population
Today WIND Mobile announced it is further expanding its network coverage across Canada by adding another roaming partner.   “Adding a third major roaming partner will give more freedom... more
SaskTel Acquires Wireless Spectrum from Wind Mobile
SaskTel is acquiring two chunks of wireless spectrum from Wind Mobile. The move will boost the speed and capacity of SaskTel's 4G network, whch operates in Saskatchewan. The license transfer of... more
Wind Mobile Expands Wireless Service in TTC Subway Sations
Wind Mobile wireless service in TTC subway stations has now been expanded throughout the entire downtown loop of the TTC's Line 1 subway route. Wind Mobile customers can now make calls and... more
Telus, Bell Take Top Spot from Rogers Among Top-Performing Wireless Carriers in Vancouver
According to latest networking testing results, Telus and Bell are on top for overall performance in the Vancouver metro area, says RootMetrics. The two carriers jumped ahead of Rogers, which won... more
Wireless Prices Increasing at Three Times the Rate of Inflation in Canada
A government report released recently confirms that Canadians are still paying among the highest prices in the industrialized world for telecom service. The 2015 Wall Report, commissioned by the... more
Wind Mobile Signs Exclusive Deal, Brings Cellular Service to Toronto's Underground Subway
Wind Mobile is bringing cellular service to customers using Toronto's underground subway through an exclusive deal with, BAI Canada, which is contracted by the Toronto Transit Commission to... more
Which Wireless Carriers Have the Fewest Network Problems in Canada?
Wireless customers have high expectations when it comes to calling, texting or Web browsing, and any impediments to connectivity directly impact their perceptions of network performance, according... more
Wind Mobile Improves Coverage, Now Provides Cellular Service Along Vancouver's Canada Line
Commuting just got a little more pleasant for Vancouverites after Wind Mobile announced that they now provide uninterrupted cellular service to customers travelling on the SkyTrain’s Canada... more
Smaller Carriers Win Spectrum – Could Wireless Competition Finally Become Reality in Canada?
Industry Minister James Moore today announced that five companies have won spectrum across the country, with new competitors emerging as winning bidders on most of the spectrum. The total... more
WIND Mobile to Participate in AWS-3 and 2500 MHz Spectrum Auctions
Today, WIND Mobile submitted a deposit and confirmed its participation in the AWS-3 and 2500 MHz spectrum auctions scheduled for spring 2015. "The Canadian government has taken positive steps... more
Wind Mobile Launches Aggressive Promo to Siphon Mobilicity Customers
Wind Mobile really wants Mobilicity customers. The wireless carrier is offering consumers who switch over from Mobilicity six months of unlimited data, talk, and text, as well as a free SIM... more
Wind Mobile Increases Coverage in BC by 40%
This week WIND Mobile announced that all customers will have access to better service while traveling outside of the WIND Unlimited zone within Canada. By adding an additional domestic partner... more
Canadians Rely on Mobile Devices to Stay Connected During Holidays
74 per cent of Canadians say it is important to stay connected during the holiday season and one in two rely on their mobile devices to do so,  according to a survey commissioned by Wind... more
Government Approves Wind Mobile Buyout as Push for Fourth National Wireless Carrier Continues
In September we reported that Wind Mobile's foreign owners were being bought out by the company's Canadian founder for upward of $300 million thanks to an injection of new capital, mostly from... more
Wind Mobile: Roaming Rates for Canadians are Unreasonable and That Needs to Change
Discount wireless carrier Wind Mobile is asking regulators to impact the notoriously high roaming rates Canadians have been paying for years. Wind, which is vying to be Canada's fourth national... more
Canadian Investors to Take Over Wind Mobile, Legitimize Company as Fourth Wireless Carrier
Wind Mobile's foreign owners are being bought out by the company's Canadian founder for upward of $300 million thanks to an injection of new capital, mostly from Canadian investors. According to... more
Montreal's Quebecor Weighs Plan to Expand Wireless Network Across Canada
Quebecor has been meeting with potential partners for the purpose of plotting a national wireless network expansion, the company has revealed. On a conference call with analysts following the... more
WIND Mobile Launches Account Management App for All Platforms, Including BlackBerry and Windows
WIND Mobile this week launched a new mobile app aimed at helping customers keep control over their wireless account. The app, called "WIND My Account," is available on Apple and Android, as well... more
Canada’s Next Wireless Spectrum Auction will Favour New Players
Industry Minister James Moore announced today that the Canadian government will auction additional wireless spectrum next year to smaller carriers including Quebecor in a bid to fuel competition... more
Government Threatens to Exclude Telus from Next Wireless Auction
The federal government is threatening to block Telus from a future auction of cellular frequencies if the Vancouver-based telecommunications giant doesn't stop attempting to acquire wireless... more
Is Wind Mobile All But Dead?
Wind Mobile's growth has stagnated. Based on early projections, it should have well over two million subscribers by now. Instead, it has fewer than 700,000, adding an anemic 39,000 during its last... more
Big Three No More? Telus Withdraws from Canadian Wireless Telecommunications Association to Put 'Customers First'
Telus has withdrawn from the Canadian Wireless Telecommunications Association. The Vancouver-based telecommunication company's decision to pull out from the industry's main lobby group is a... more
Wind Mobiles Launches Unlimited US Roaming Package for Only $15
Blowing the best efforts of the Big Three out of the water, discount carrier Wind Mobile has launched one of Canada's most generous roaming packages ever. For $15 per month, Wind offers... more
This Week's Wireless Auction Won't Do Much for Competition in Canada, but Not All is Lost
In 2008, a government-issued auction of wireless spectrum generated well over $4 billion in revenues and spurred the creation of several new carriers, including Wind Mobile and Mobilicity, who have... more
[Closed] 2013 Holiday Giveaway! Win a Free Smartphone Plus Six Months of Unlimited Data
   This contest is now closed.     Techvibes has partnered up with wireless carrier Wind Mobile to give our readers a chance to win an awesome Christmas present: a... more
Government Approves Telus Acquiring Wireless Carrier Public Mobile
The federal government in a surprise move has approved an agreement for Telus to acquire discount wireless carrier Public Mobile. Previously, the government rejected Telus' efforts to acquire... more
Foreign Tycoon Extremely Disappointed in Our Telecoms Sector: 'I am Finished with Canada'
Egyptian billionaire Naguib Sawiris, who helped bring Wind Mobile to Canada, is "extremely surprised and disappointed" in our country, specifically our telecommunications sector. The telecoms... more
GIVEAWAY: Got an iPhone? Switch to Wind Mobile and Get a Free SIM Card and Data Plan
Today, Apple launched both the iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C. These new smartphones are compatible with Wind Mobile's network right out of the box. If you want to run your iPhone on the Wind network,... more
A Veritable All-You-Can-Eat Buffet of Misinformation on the State of the Wireless Industry
The chief executive officer of Wind Mobile pulled no punches in a recent post on the company's blog. His opening line denounced the Big Three's anti-Verizon lobbying efforts as "a veritable... more
Telus and Bell Make More Than Twice as Much Money per Wireless Customer Than Wind Mobile
Several Canadian telcos today reported their second-quarter results today. Startup carrier Wind Mobile gained just under 19,000 subscribers, bringing its total customer base to 620,000—up... more
Rogers, Telus, and Bell Team up to Launch Anti-Verizon 'Fair for Canada' Campaign
Rogers, Telus, and Bell have teamed up to lobby against US telecommunications giant Verizon acquiring Canadian startup carrier Wind Mobile. The "Big Three" incumbents want to have the... more
Verizon Communications Getting Closer to Acquiring Wind Mobile, Report Suggests
New reports suggest that Verizon Communications is inching closer to acquiring Canadian startup carrier Wind Mobile. According to sources cited in the Financial Post, Verizon plans to hold a... more
Verizon Communications Still Interested in Canadian Wireless Market, Company Confirms
Verizon Communications said this week that it remains interested in the Canadian wireless market, but that its interest is still on an "exploratory" level. "We continue to explore and have... more
Verizon Makes Offer on Wind Mobile, Sends Shares of Rogers, Telus, and Bell Tumbling
Major US wireless carrier is offering a generous $700 million for Canadian discount carrier Wind Mobile, according to sources cited in a Globe and Mail report. Reuters also supplied a report with a... more
Venture Capitalist: Canadian Entrepreneurs Have an Unrealistic Expectation of Values
A panel of Canadian venture capitalists gathered to speak this week to discuss the gap in understanding between entrepreneurs and investors. Wind Mobile CEO-turned-VC Anthony Lacavera said... more
Telus Recruits Key Legal Executive from Wind Mobile
Telus has poached a key executive from fellow Vancouver-based telecommunications company, Wind Mobile. Andrea Wood was the chief legal officer of Wind, a discount wireless startup carrier. She... more
Wind Mobile and Others Withdraw from the Canadian Wireless Telecommunications Association
After "careful consideration," all three of Canada's startup discount wireless carriers—Wind Mobile, Public Mobile and Mobilicity—today announced their withdrawal from the Canadian... more
BlackBerry's Biggest Shareholder May Buy Wind Mobile
Fairfax Financial Holdings, which last year doubled its stake in BlackBerry to become the Waterloo company's biggest shareholder, is contemplating bidding for Wind Mobile, which went up for sale... more
Fongo Wants to Buy Wind Mobile for One Dollar
Last week we noted that Canada's largest startup discount wireless carrier, Wind Mobile, was being put up for sale. At the time, it was suggested by sources that the company's founder, Anthony... more
Wind Mobile Going up for Sale, Sources Say
Canada's largest discount wireless carrier is being put up for sale, according to several reports, including one from  Canaccord Genuity Canadian research head Dvai Ghose. VimpelCom has... more
Founder of Wind Mobile Leaves Company to Launch Venture Capital Fund
Wind Mobile's founder, Tony Lacavera, is leaving the company. Lacavera has transferred his shares to Orascom, which will own an indirect 99.3% interest in Globalive Wireless Management Corp,... more
Wind Mobile: The iPhone is Not a Huge Factor For Us Because Our Customers Aren't Interested In It
Rogers signed up 40,000 new customers in a single week following the iPhone 5 launch, analysts estimate. That's more than discount carrier Wind Mobile pulls during a full quarter. Yet Wind, the... more
Some Canadians Would Rather Give Up Their Pet Than Their Smartphone
Canadians would sooner give up a lot of things before their smartphones, according to a recent survey from Wind Mobile. 37% of Canadian mobile phone owners aged 18 to 34 say that, if necessary,... more
Wind Mobile Launches Canadian Mobile Bill of Rights
Discount wireless carrier Wind Mobile has launched an initiative called the Canadian Mobile Bill of Rights. Housed on Facebook, the so-called "bill of rights" is aimed at eliciting the opinions of... more
Only One Major Wireless Carrier Saw a Drop in Complaints This Year
Errors on cellphone bills continue to infurirate consumers, according to a recent report from the Commissioner for Complaints and Telecommunications Services. The most common complaint? The telco... more
XO Communications Expands into Canada as Telecom Market Heats Up
XO Communications is expanding its footprint into Canada. The US-based telecommunications company hopes to capture a piece of Canada's telecom market for businesses. The company plans to offer a... more
New Study Says Wireless Prices in Canada are About to Get Even Higher
A new study by the Convergence Consulting Group predicts that wireless prices in Canada—already among the most expensive in the world—will rise by 2014. Increased competition from Wind... more
Wind Mobile Reaches 500,000 Canadian Subscriber Milestone
Wind Mobile has reached a milestone: the discount wireless carrier now has more than 500,000 subscribers across Canada. Founded in 2008, Wind is far off its own target for subscribers—by... more
Canada's Wireless Sector is Globally Competitive in Pricing and Innovation, Contrarian Claims
A Canadian organization shocked the nation this week with an incredibly contrarian claim to everything we believe today: our country's wireless services are globally competitive in both pricing and... more
Canadians Consuming More Digital Media – but Not at the Expense of Traditional Media
According to a new report by the CRTC, the proliferation of new platforms like tablets and smartphones is stimulating the consumption of media without hurting traditional media.  Thus,... more
Public Mobile Confirms Participation in Spectrum Auction
Startup discount wireless carrier Public Mobile today confirmed that it is indeed participating in the federal government's upcoming spectrum auction. The company had previously suggested it would... more
CRTC Gives Telus a Deadline to Prove Its Ownership Structure is Legal
The Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission has given a deadline to Telus, requesting that the telecommunications company proves to the national regulator that its foreign... more
Wind to CRTC: We Think You Should Publicly Review Telus' Ownership Structure
Globalive Wireless, parent of discount carrier Wind Mobile, is asking the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission to conduct a thorough, public review of Telus' ownership... more
Wind and Mobilicity to Release Epic Back-to-School Promotional Plans This Week
Discount wireless carriers Wind Mobile and Mobilicity are planning to release competitive back-to-school promotional plans this week. According to posts on the RedFlagDeals forum, Wind will offer... more
Canadian Wireless Carrier Wind Mobile Hires New Chief Operating Officer
Wind Mobile today announced changes to its leadership team. Pietro Cordova, a veteran of Wind Telecomunicazioni SpA, is the company's new Chief Operating Officer. Cordova succeeds Gianluca Corti,... more
War Over Internet Access in Vancouver's Canada Line Heats Up Between Wind and Telus
One of Vancouver's major skytrian routes, the Canada Line, is the new battleground for a heated war between wireless incumbent Telus and discount startup carrier Wind Mobile. Wind's parent,... more
Wind Mobile Losing Gusto as Growth Comes to Grinding Halt
Canadian discount wireless carrier Wind Mobile added only 12,364 new subscribers during its last quarter, the company reported today. This is up just 3% from the previous quarter. The startup... more
Bell Feels the Pinch from Discount Carriers as Wireless Activations Decrease
Bell managed a 14% increase in net earnings and a 23% growth in free cash clow in the first quarter of 2012. But not everything is quite so rosy. Will revenue managed to grow nearly 12%, investors... more
Victory for Wind: Globalive Defeats CRTC and Public Mobile After Years-Long Court Battle
It was a long-winded legal battle. But Wind won. Today, the Supreme Court declined to hear a challenge from the CRTC and discount carrier Public Mobile to a government decision that allows... more
Startup Struggles: Viability and Sustainability of Canada's Discount Wireless Carriers in Question
It's been more than a couple of years now that the new entrants such as Wind Mobile and Public Mobile have been competing for Canadians' business in the wireless space. But after all this time, the... more
Wind Mobile Says Government Messed Up, Canada's Wireless Industry Ruined [Updated]
Yesterday, Industry Minister Christian Paradis finally announced a decision that Canada's telcos have been waiting on for a year. He said that Industry Canada has reserved... more
Industry Canada Reserves 25% of 'Prime Spectrum' for New Wireless Entrants
The big takeaway from Christian's announcement today: one quarter. Industry Minister Christian Paradis finally announced a decision that Canada's telcos have been waiting on for a year. He... more
Wind Mobile and Public Mobile Threaten to Boycott Upcoming Wireless Auction
If the government doesnt set aside any spectrum for the startup carriers in its upcoming wireless auction, they'll simply skip the event. Wind Mobile is threatening to sit out the auction if the... more
Wind Mobile Adds Galaxy Nexus, BlackBerry Bold 9790, and BlackBerry Curve 9360 to Lineup
As Canada's startup discount wireless carriers gradually get better at offering higher end devices, Vancouver-based Wind Mobile has added three new smartphones to its product lineup. On the... more
PELVIC PUMP'R: Wind Mobile Unveils Sexual Marketing Campaign, 'Call-A-Sutra'
Smartphones aren't often associated with "sexy," aside from perhaps those who call devices without cases "naked." But Vancouver-based discount wireless carrier Wind Mobile has put a rather sensual... more
Wind Mobile Enters 67 Walmarts Across Canada, Offers Exclusive $88 Deal
Startup wireless carrier Wind Mobile has struck a deal with retail giant Walmart. The discount carrier will gain dedicated shelf space in 67 Walmart locations across Canada and will offer an... more
Public Mobile kiosks pop up in Zellers
Public Mobile is now in 29 Zellers locations in Montreal and the Greater Toronto Area. The startup discount wireless carrier has continued to grow within the two regions, though has not expanded... more
Mobilicity Eyes IPO in 2012
If Wind Mobile doesn't buy Mobilicity, the startup wireless carrier may just go public instead. The Globe and Mail yesterday reported that the discount carrier is planning to launch an initial... more
Is Wind Mobile About to Buy Mobilicity?
The day after the U.S. blocked AT&T's bid to buy T-Mobile for $39 billion, a smaller-scale Canadian deal appears to be in the works. According to Bloomberg, which cites "a person familiar... more
Wind Mobile Celebrates 2nd Birthday [VIDEO]
Wind Mobile turned two years old today. The startup is the biggest of the discount wireless that were born from the government spectrum auction. And while it fell dramatically short of its lofty... more
Wind Mobile's Holiday Gift: $200 for New Customers
Wind Mobile has a holiday gift for new customers. The startup discount wireless carrier is offering $200 to new subscribers. In the form of a service credit, new customers to Wind will receive... more
Wind Mobile Boosts Product Lineup with HTC Amaze 4G
One of the disadvantages of rolling with the startup carriers is that they typically have noticably inferior product lineups when compared with the Big Three. They don't have iPhones, for starters,... more
Government Continues to Dawdle While Canadians Wait For Rules on Spectrum and Foreign Ownership
Patience is wearing thin for Canadian consumers and telcos alike. The 2008 wireless auction set aside spectrum for newcomers, facilitating the creation of highly competitive... more
Pissed Off Billionaire Flames Canada: 'You Have The Most Inefficient Telcos In The World!'
Naguib Sawiris, the Egyptian billionaire who made Wind Mobile possible with substantial financial backing, has threatened to pull out of the coming government auction of wireless spectrum. Naguib,... more
Wind Mobile subscriber count grows 156% in one year to 358,000
Orascom recently released its Q3 2011 earnings report, which included Wind Mobile statistics. Wind has been the most aggressive of the startup wireless carriers, expanding into several new... more
Dear Over-Charged, Under-Appreciated, Contract-Loathing Mobile Phone Customer…
In your local newspaper, you might stumble upon a bright-orange, full-page ad with a large, all-caps font that reads, "Dear over-charged, under-appreciated, contract-loathing mobile phone... more
New BlackBerry Bold 9900 arrives at Wind
Canada's startup discount carrier are slowly getting better access to newer devices. Wind Mobile now has the BlackBerry Bold 9900—RIM's newest and best smartphone—for sale. The... more
Wind Mobile adds new BlackBerrys to lineup, extends unlimited data plan promo, opens new store
The Wind (Mobile) has blown some good news this way today. First, it looks like the Vancouver-based wireless startup will add the new BlackBerry Bold 9900 to its lineup sometime in October,... more
Wind Mobile secures $500 million in funding… with strings attached
Discount wireless carrier startup Wind Mobile, owned by Globalive Holdings, has secured a whopping $500 million-plus in funding. The massive amount of financing is solely for obtaining new airwave... more
Wireless startups to claim less Canadian subscriptions than originally expected, report reveals
In April, Convergence released a report that forecast wireless startups (Wind, Public, and Mobilicity) to capture 16% of the Canadian subscriber market by the end of 2014. This month, Convergence... more
Public Mobile picks at WInd Mobile's open wounds, Globalive to defend itself in Supreme Court
Public Mobile is looking to raze Wind Mobile via the legal system. And while it hasn't yet succeeded, it hasn't yet failed, either. The startup telco is a direct rival to Wind, which—being... more
Wind Mobile Q2 2011: Startup wireless earns 300,000 subscriber milestone but suffers from low ARPU
Wind Mobile is growing quickly compared with the other wireless startups. It added 45,000 new subscribers in the last quarter to bring its total to 317,000, two-thirds of which have signed on in... more
UBC student chats with his idol thanks to Wind Mobile's Best Conversation Ever competition
Today, UBC student and aspiring filmmaker Ian Holliday had the conversation of his dreams with his idol, Academy Award-nominated film director Christopher Nolan. Ian was one of more than 10,000... more
Canada's wireless startups snag a quarter of all new subscribers but still have a long way to go: Report
Startup wireless carriers like Wind and Mobilicity and capturing one in four new subscribers, according to a report by the CRTC, but they still have a long way to go. Public Mobile, Videtron,... more
Wind Mobile launches prepaid service. It's pretty good, but don't expect to use the internet
Vancouver-based discount wireless carrier Wind Mobile has launched a new prepaid service. The startup touts no commitments, one low rate, free incoming texts, the ability to switch to a monthly... more
Wind Mobile will be launching in the Kitchener-Waterloo area ahead of schedule this summer
Vancouver-based discount wireless carrier Wind Mobile's plans to launch in Kitchener-Waterloo are more solidified than ever. Now with an August launch date (previously in September), Wind has... more
Transcontinental Interactive partners with WIND Mobile to launch short code connectivity
Transcontinental Interactive announced a partnership yesterday with WIND Mobile to provide short code connectivity to its customers across the country. Short codes are shorter telephone numbers... more
Wind Mobile switches up CEO and COO as it preps to enter next stage of growth
Wind Mobile has shaken up its top ranks. Globalive, which owns Wind, will see its chairman, Anthony Lacavera, replace Ken Campbell as chief executive officer of Wind. In addition, the company is... more
Wind Mobile celebrates anniversary with $1 contract-free BlackBerrys for Vancouverites
Vancouverite CrackBerry addicts, rejoice! Wind Mobile is celebrating its one-year anniversary by offering Vancouverites BlackBerry 9700s for just one dollar. Now for anyone thinking "The Big Three... more
When the Wind Blows East: Wireless carrier Wind Mobile to service Atlantic Canada in 2012
Atlantic Canadians, rejoice! Wireless carrier Wind Mobile plans to extend its network to Nova Scotia in 2012, its CEO Ken Campbell said recently. Quoth the Chronicle Herald: "We have plans to... more
Wind claims it is now the fastest growing wireless carrier in Canada. Can this be true?
Wind Mobile has been operating for over a year and is now claiming that it is "officially the fastest growing wireless carrier in Canada." It notes that the incumbents have reported their... more
Which Canadian wireless carrier is best? JD Power knows. Hint: It's none of the Big Three
JD Power and Associated unveiled its 2011 Canadian Wireless Customer Satisfaction report today.  In it are some obvious facts: first, average monthly wireless charges increased from 2009.... more
Report suggests wireless entrants to claim 16% marketshare by 2016, but neglects one thing
The Convergence Consulting Group has released a new study. Titled “The Battle for the North American (Canada/US) Couch Potato: Bundling, TV, Internet, Telephone, Wireless,” the study... more
Public Mobile expects other startups to fail and wants to acquire them. Good luck
Public Mobile CEO Alek Krstajic has come out and said - without naming names, of course - that it expects one or two of the wireless startups to run out of money by the end of the year. And that... more
Toronto's WagJag offers sweet Wind Mobile deal
Toronto-based WagJag, a Groupon-esque startup, today has a deal involving Wind Mobile. It's a pretty sweet and relevant deal, offering a data stick for $29, a 77 percent discount from its regular... more
Wind Mobile agrees: consolidation in Canada's telecom industry is necessary
Let's talk subscribers. Telus: 7 million. Bell: 7.3 million. Rogers: 9 million, Wind, Public Mobile, and Mobilicty combined? Less than half a million, or under two percent the amount the Big... more
Will America's AT&T and T-Mobile merger trigger aftershocks in the Canadian telecom industry?
When AT&T announced on the weekend it would buy T-Mobile in full for $39 billion, few saw this coming. But while both companies serve the U.S., this unexpected earthquake in America's telecom... more
Globalive appeals Federal Court ruling: 'We disagree with the decision'
Globalive is filing a Notice of Appeal with the Federal Court of Appeal. It is also filing an application for an extension of the 45 day stay issued by the Federal Court. The company's appeal comes... more
Wind Mobile's future is fragile as battle continues with Globalive, Government, CRTC
The Honourable Tony Clement, Minister of Industry, and Steven Blaney, Member of Parliament for Lévis-Bellechasse, today issued a statement regarding the Federal Court ruling on... more
Optik TV gathers momentum as Telus posts positive fourth quarter results
Vancouver-based telco Telus has acquired 10 percent of the B.C.-Alberta television subscription market in less than a year through its rollout of Optik TV. In fact, The Vancouver Sun observed that,... more
Embattled Wind Mobile still determined to 'bring real change to the Canadian wireless marketplace'
In 2009, the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission decided that Wind Mobile could not launch in Canada because the majority of its financial backing was from foreign sources.... more
Labour groups applaud court decision against Globalive
When a court ruled on Friday that Globalive, the company behind Wind Mobile, was not in compliance with Canadian foreign ownership restrictions, you may have been upset by the ruling. Maybe you... more
Wind Mobile violates laws on foreign ownership: courts
The executive branch isn’t the only authority in this country getting in on the overruling game when it comes to this country’s telecommunications policy. A federal court overruled the... more
CBC is looking for 'Canada's Worst Cellphone Bill' again, but includes one strange and major flaw
In March of last year, CBC ran an interesting piece titled "Canada's Worst Cellphone Bill," which through over 1,000 submissions saw outrageous bill amounts as high as an eye-popping $6,000.... more
The real reason that Canada's new wireless mobile carriers are underperforming – it's not the Big Three
When the federal government hosted an auction to sell for a slice of the "advanced wireless spectrum," or AWS, Canadians were thrilled with the notion that multiple new companies were break into... more
Wind Mobile and Mobilicity want better consumer protection for Canadians – but is there hope to be had?
Canadian Wireless newbie Wind Mobile wants the federal and provincial governments to provide better consumer protection for users of mobile phones. “All Canadians should be offered similar... more
Canadian wireless startups gaining ground; capturing one-third of all new subscribers
Recent figures and analyst calculations have revealed that Canadian wireless startups Wind Mobile, Public Mobile, and Moblicity are wrangling one-third of all new cellphone subscribers. This... more
From Wind to Public – who of the three new guys is going to fail miserably?
We all know that 50% of new businesses fail, and Canada just had three new companies jump into a fiercely competitive market—the Canadian telecom market—recently. So, which one is going... more
Wind Mobile boosts subscriber numbers by 50 percent, but at what cost?
Canadian wireless startup Wind Mobile posted a 49 percent surge in new customers quarter-over-quarter, and now has 140,000 wireless subscribers. Wind's primary financial supporter, Egyptian... more
Wind Mobile bolsters new-customer incentives with WINDtab, more phones, and new deals
Once Halloween passes, it's officially Commercial Christmas season. This fact isn't lost on Wind Mobile. The Canadian wireless startup has recently unveiled a host of new features to maximize this... more
Is WIND Mobile committed to Canada or is it tainted by foreign interests?
Wind Mobile has its crosshairs set on an unoccupied throne: Canada's fourth national wireless carrier. But is Canada really where Wind is most loyal? Wind chairman Anthony Lacavera successfully... more
Wind financier talks about the CRTC, telecom in Canada and what it means to have balls
Globalive, the telecom company that’s behind Wind Mobile, would not be possible without investment from Egyptian telecom/construction/IT/who-knows-what-else billionaire Naguib Sawiris. His... more
Mobilicity expands to another three Canadian cities; more new services expected in coming year
Mobilicity, the flat-rate, no-contract cell phone provider has moved up from serving only Toronto by expanding to three other Canadian cities: Vancouver, Edmonton and Ottawa. The company plans to... more
Rogers Communications publicly addresses Wind Mobile's complaint with Competition Bureau
On Thursday, I wrote an article outlining a complaint startup Wind Mobile has filed with the Competition Bureau that targets Rogers' new subsidiary, Chatr Wireless, over uninformed advertising.... more
When the Wind blows West: Will Wind Mobile take down Canada’s telecom titans?
Originally published in the Other Press. From titans maintaining an oligopoly to unproven newcomers, the Canadian wireless provider industry in wrought with distrust and uncertainty. But... more
Wind Mobile investor calls Rogers, Telus, and Bell 'a joke,' says Canadian wireless provider climate is awful
Naguib Sawiris is a billionaire scion of possibly the most prominent business family in all of Egypt, and a serious contender globally, especially in telecom. And he's adding to his family's legacy... more
Survey suggests the end of flat-rate fees for telecom services, but bias is in the air
The Globe and Mail published an article on Monday, revealing the results of a recent survey. The survey polled nearly 400 international mobile executives and—wait, what's that? Yes, I said... more
A challenge to all smartphone retailers and wireless plan carriers: Will any of you actually read this?
Hello. My name is Knowlton Thomas and there is a flip phone latched onto my belt. If you've read the Techvibes blog within the past four months, chances are you've read some of my stuff. I have... more
Wind Mobile selects Multiplied Media's Poynt
Calgary-based  Multiplied Media announced this morning that WIND Mobile will be including a preloaded icon for their Poynt mobile local search application on subscribers' BlackBerry... more
News in Short: India now threatening the battered RIM, Wind Mobile achieves 100,000 user milestone
India now threatening the battered RIM With a deal with Saudi Arabia having just been reached this week, RIM is going through the wringer now, with India stepping forward to demand that RIM... more
Telus refuses to lower prices despite challenging competition on the horizon
Rogers has created Chatr, and Bell has stated its Solo Mobile subsidary will be shifting down market. Chatr and Solo will be locking their crosshairs onto targets Wind Mobile, and Moblicity,... more
Why wireless and digital media competition is dying in Canada
Netflix enters Canada and Rogers responds by lowering data levels.  WIND Mobile, Mobilicity and Public Mobile enter the Canadian wireless marketplace and Rogers announces Chatr Wireless. One... more
News in Short: The top five wireless trends, study shows less than 1% of torrents are legal
Globe on Technology offers "low-down" on future of Canada's telecom industry The Globe and Mail's Globe on Technology, run by expert tech bloggers, suggests their top five trends for Canada's... more
Canada's wireless leaders form excessively lucrative oligopoly, reap world-high profits
It's only been just recently that Canada has seen new wireless startups enter the market in a bid to stir the pot of healthy competition. And our country be damned if we don't need it—the... more
Chatter is abound over Rogers' new Chatr Wireless
It's yet another business name missing out on the reader-pronunciation advantages of actually including vowels. But it's not missing out on any media attention. Chatr, which reads like "chatter"... more
WIND Mobile Blows Into Vancouver
More competition for the mobile phone service providers in Vancouver is a reality as WIND Mobile moves into the west coast. Looking to build market share, they've got an offer now to join WIND... more
WIND mobile arrives in Vancouver
Wind Mobile launched their Vancouver location at the foot of the trendy Yaletown neighbourhood today at an event punctuated by a crowd of both media and consumers eager to try out Canada’s... more
WIND Mobile bursts onto Vancouver scene with 'Random acts of kindness'
Vancouver, meet WIND. WIND, Vancouver. WIND Mobile, Canada's newest national wireless provider, is preparing to launch its wireless service in Vancouver. 85 fresh-faced WIND employees will... more
Canada's wireless industry starts to look competitive
Disclaimer: I am currently employed by a Rogers Wireless dealer in a retail sales position. With Wind Mobile conducting hiring sessions in Vancouver this week in advance of their expansion into... more
Wind Mobile launches hiring campaign in Vancouver
WIND Mobile announced today that they're preparing to go live in Vancouver in a couple months and are looking for 100 new employees including Store Managers and part-time Retail Sales Associates.... more
Twestival Toronto sponsor spotlight - WIND Mobile
WIND Mobile, Canada's newest national wireless company, has stepped up to the plate as the premier (Yoda) sponsor of this year's Twestival Toronto festival.This year, the global Twitter... more
Last straw for WIND Mobile?
Late last year Toronto-based Globalive launched it's WIND Mobile brand in Canada.  It was hoped that the emergence of new companies would force companies like Bell and Rogers to lower their... more
The new 3-and-a-half P's of Marketing today
"Marketing as a verb is dead."This is how Chris Robbins began his Conversuasion presentation during Ad Lounge's Social Media Week Toronto event last week.  Chris' talk was entitled "Passion,... more
In Conversation with Chris Robbins of WIND Mobile
Soniya Monga, one of the organizers behind Social Media Week - Toronto (and a regular contributor here at Techvibes), recently caught up to Chris Robbins of WIND Mobile.  Chris is the Chief... more
Wind Mobile hiring for launch in Ottawa and Edmonton
Wind Mobile is hiring full-time and part-time employees for its upcoming launch in Edmonton and Ottawa and expects to hire 600 employees in the next 12 months. According to a Wind Mobile press... more
Wind Mobile wants exclusive to Google smartphone in Canada
Not surprisingly, startup carrier WIND Mobile is pursuing a powerful ally in Google and is eager to carry their new Nexus One smartphone in Canada. Google unveiled the Nexus One on Tuesday and it... more
WIND Mobile Toronto launch
9:30am EST Early this morning there was lots of chatter on Twitter about the WIND Mobile launch.  A visit to the website revealed that the site was also under construction but that a new one... more
Wind Mobile partners up with Blockbuster
Canada's newest entrant in the wireless space, Wind Mobile, has allied itself with movie and game rental chain Blockbuster Canada and will begin sales from outlets in Toronto and Calgary soon.... more
Globalive Wireless gets government support
  Industry Minister Tony Clement has announced today that his government will allow Globalive Wireless Management Corp. to offer cellphone service in Canada. "We have concluded through... more
The Globalive Saga - Why Can't There Be A Fourth National Wireless Provider In Canada
Things are getting hot in the Canadian wireless industry with the continuing Globalive saga. Globalive, a Toronto-based company, has been eager to launch a national wireless service called Wind... more

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