Wires Law

Wires Law

Wires Law is a corporate commercial law firm delivering online, fixed price, legal services to entrepreneurs and small and medium sized business across Canada.

The firm was founded by John Wires who comes from a background of courtroom experience practicing complex corporate commercial litigation. Having litigated shareholder and employee disputes he understands the value companies protecting their businesses with the proper upfront legal work so many Canadian businesses lack; from incorporation services and shareholder agreements to general counsel for startups, small and medium sized businesses.

Wires Law believes the delivery of legal services needs to change in order match the pace and cost expectations with which startups and SME’s operate. The firm has invested in state of the art systems to ensure the delivery of effective and efficient legal services. Unlike law firms who only bill by the hour, Wires Law is not encourage to work slower and bill more.

Read more about Wires Law in the Media and John’s advisory role with the National Crowdfunding Association. John also writes about start-up law at LaunchLaw.ca and other publications.


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