Worldwide Nest

Worldwide Nest

est is how modern families stay connected.

Nest is about keeping families connected, now and into the future. A simple and sophisticated cross-generational tool, Nest provides families with a safe way to share and exchange stories, photographs, news, events, calendars - life, regardless of geography and time zone.

Navigation of Nest is intuitive and sensible, engaging all ages and comfort levels through beautiful design and accessible technology. Unlike most social networking sites, Nest is not about egos, attitudes and alter egos. Nest was created so families could engage in an honest, useful and entertaining exchange of life in a safe and comfortable environment. Nest is designed to expand and evolve with your family’s real life experiences and interests – like a virtual scrapbook, photo album, newsletter and refrigerator door wrapped in one.

Informed, connected and engaged families share a Nest together.


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