XCEL Professional Services ltd. Edmonton

XCEL Professional Services ltd. Edmonton

One of Alberta's Leading IT Companies with offices In Edmonton and Calgary!

XCEL provides cost effective IT solutions to the Edmonton and Calgary business markets. Although we are fascinated by new technology, we hold the best interests of our clients at heart. We believe in delivering the right solution to clients, not the one that will make us the most profit. We are leaders amongst IT Companies in Edmonton and Calgary.

We strive to deliver IT solutions that will make all your staff take notice at the vast improvement in performance and reliability. Our goal is to build staff confidence in your network system, and let everyone at your business do the job they were intended to do – which in turn will make your business more effective, and profitable.

XCEL takes pride in offering our clients a high level of customer service and the technical expertise to realize and develop your technology goals. Although we understand that every one starts somewhere in their careers, we have elected to employ only senior level IT Analysts. By doing this, we have eliminated the endless spinning of tires that a junior analyst will spend onsite troubleshooting a complex issue – while charging the client for all of their time. When an XCEL Analyst arrives onsite, you can be certain that they know your network, and that they can fix your issue in an expedient manner.

IT Consulting, Software, Wireless, Mobile, Hardware

104C - 10171 Saskatchewan Drive Northwest
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada