Xen Accounting Inc.

Xen Accounting Inc.

Xen Accounting is a 100% virtual, fully paperless, online accounting service designed for small businesses in the digital age. We combine cool apps with virtual accountants in order to provide a pain-free accounting service for those that we work with.

Since 2013, Xen Accounting has been recognized as a thought leader when it comes to providing modern accounting services to small businesses across Canada. Featured continuously in the press for our forward-thinking approach, selected as 1 of 9 members on Intuit’s 2015 Accountant Council and becoming the first accounting firm in Canada to accept bitcoins as payment, Xen Accounting is constantly looking to break the mold of what an accounting firm should look like in the digital age.

For more information, please check out www.xenaccounting.com or our Twitter handle @XenAccounting.


News on Xen Accounting Inc.

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