Yactraq Online Inc.

Yactraq Online Inc.

Yactraq helps video sites monetize via targeted ads by analyzing content through speech recognition and natural language processing to create time-coded topic metadata.

What our customers are saying about Yactraq:

"Yactraq's magic technology combined with its flexible business model means DAR.FM and Yactraq's interests are fully aligned. Yactraq software is at the core of DAR.FM's monetization strategy. This is the future of internet audio and video." Michael Robertson (Founder - DAR.FM, MP3.com, Linspire, Gizmo5 and Yactraq customer)

The problem we solve: Currently, there is no cost effective way for machines to understand video and audio content. As a result, despite explosive growth, video internet suffers from poor monetization and user experience.

The Yactraq solution: Quick, inexpensive and near universal meta-tagging of video/audio content allows application developers to quickly and easily manipulate such content. This capability enables new ways of monetizing video and revolutionizing the video/audio user experience.

Team: Founder and CEO - Jeh Daruvala: 22 years of entrepreneurship, investment banking, product management, business/systems analysis in technology at start-ups/Microsoft/T-Mobile/TELUS/Avendus Advisors.

CTO – Dr. Lee Iverson: Princeton undergrad, McGill PhD, 17 years of academic/ R&D experience in pattern recognition technology. Scientist at SRI and Professor at University of British Columbia.

Advisor – Subhash Bal: Senior marketing/sales positions in multibillion-dollar organizations (Synopsys, Rockwell, 3Com, PMC-Sierra, National Semiconductor). Cofounder at start-ups: Excelan, SwitchOn Networks, Micom, Teradiant Networks, Touch Communications, India West. Exits included IPO/acquisitions.

The Market Opportunity: Video is the fastest-growing type of online content consumption and represents 50% of all online traffic as of Jan 2012. Long format content represents greater than 50% of online video watch time. The video publisher market is currently hyper-dynamic. Other than YouTube at the top spot, even the no. 2 spot changes hands on a monthly basis. 82% of users are unwilling to pay for even their favorite news sites. And finally, contextual ads drove over US$8 billion revenues in 2011.

Yactraq Market Offering: Speech2Topics - A scalable cloud platform based on patent pending technology. Uses speech recognition and NLP to index video/audio content. Topic metadata is time-coded, analyzed for frequency, relevance and other proprietary metrics and then used as input to build various applications in areas like contextual ads, user experience features (like Search, Discovery, Navigation, 2nd screens) and brand analytics. The first contextual ad serving application built on Speech2Topics is Speech2Ads, a CPC text ad serving app built by Yactraq.

Business Model: Yactraq serves Publishers and Brands. Publisher types include: Entertainment/News (UGC, Produced), Radio and Education. Customers pay either a rev share on ads etc., a fee/minute of video transcription, or an OEM license fee. Sales model is both direct and indirect. Publisher platform channels include Video Infrastructure (Platform/DAM/CMS) and Ad Networks. Ad Network partners include Yahoo, Adknowledge, Local.com, Looksmart and 7Search. Video platform partners include Brightcove, Kaltura and Ooyala. A JW Player plug-in is also available. Brand analytics channels include social analytics.


DAR.FM is a digital recorder service for internet radio. They are currently using Speech2Ads on a revenue share basis and intend to develop applications using Speech2Topics metadata.

Filmannex.com, a New York-based video publisher, for whom Yactraq is indexing several hundred thousand minutes of video on a one-time-sale-of-metadata basis.

Internet Marketing, Wireless, Mobile, Social Media, Startup

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