Our purpose is to make it easy for you to secure the best airfare deals available on the Web. We do this by giving you a tool to "tag" the trips you like while shopping online, then we track prices on these trips and alert you when prices drop. Yapta also gives you a single place to keep all of your trips online. It's a pretty simple concept, but for some reason, no one has done this before.

Yapta continues to track prices even after you buy a ticket. Did you know you could get a refund or travel credit when prices drop after you've bought a ticket? Most people don't. The airlines offer this policy only if you buy on the airline website (and they want you to have the confidence to buy early). Yapta alerts people when prices drop so they can get these refunds and credits from the airlines.

All of us at Yapta are enthusiastic travelers and we're proud to help our fellow travelers find the best deals and save money for future travel!


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