YouBeQB is a multi-game Fantasy Football platform that allows players compete for fun and prizes while testing their play calling skills.

YOUbeQB’s Fantasy PlayBook is a new spin on fantasy football, allowing players to take control of teams, create the offensive plan, and compete head to head with friends on a weekly basis for cash prizes. It’s extremely easy to play for the newbie amateur Fantasy player, but challenges even the crustiest of veteran pros, offering many levels of strategy for drafting teams, creating playbooks, and setting match-ups.

YOUbeQB’s Fantasy PlayCaller is for the Fantasy player who wants that instant satisfaction of making the right call. Players interact during live NFL games, matching play for play with the real players on field. Call the right play and score. Score the most points against others in the league and win cash prizes. Players can compete amongst their friends, or join a pick-up league and make new friends.

Football Talk is YOUbeQB’s arena for sports social interaction (with an emphasis on the “action”). The YOUbeQB ‘Trash Talk’ feature, and ‘QB-Tron’ trivia engine allow players to wax poetic on the virtues of their favorite team, diplomatically disagree with others’ knowledge of the football facts, and win prizes.


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