YouEtch provides laser etched products and services to both sectors at the consumer level and corporate level. We specialize in what we call 'Permanent Art', we transform products like iPhone cases, Dogtags, and Aluminum business cards from ordinary products to permanent top of the line personalized items.

Unlike stickers & skins our products are laser-etched, so say goodbye to the sticky tape or edges that can rise up and peel off. We laser etch (tattoo) the artwork & text directly into the surface of our products, which ensures a lasting effect. In other words no matter how you use or abuse our products the etched art, logo, and text will always be there.

If you're having a special event or party we can design and etch your event Dogtags with guest names, your logo, or image. Our tags are high quality fully coated anodized aluminum.

Want to impress your clients and stand out in business networking events? We use laser technology to engrave your own personalized very thin aluminum business cards, double-sided. Contact us for more details.

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Ottawa, ON, Canada
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada