Founded in February 2005, YouTube is the leader in online video, and the premier destination to watch and share original videos worldwide through a Web experience. YouTube allows people to easily upload and share video clips on and across the Internet through websites, mobile devices, blogs, and email.

Everyone can watch videos on YouTube. People can see first-hand accounts of current events, find videos about their hobbies and interests, and discover the quirky and unusual. As more people capture special moments on video, YouTube is empowering them to become the broadcasters of tomorrow.

YouTube received funding from Sequoia Capital in November 2005 and was officially launched one month later in December. Chad Hurley and Steve Chen proceeded to become the first members of the YouTube management team and currently serve as Chief Executive Officer and Chief Technology Officer respectively.

In November 2006, within a year of its launch, YouTube was purchased by Google Inc. in one of the most talked-about acquisitions to date.

YouTube has struck numerous partnership deals with content providers such as CBS, BBC, Universal Music Group, Sony Music Group, Warner Music Group, NBA, The Sundance Channel and many more.


News on YouTube

YouTube Opens Space in Canada for Creatives to Learn, Connect, and Create
YouTube has opened its first Space in Canada. Acting as an incubator for the creative industry, YouTube Space Toronto will offer creators an opportunity to learn from industry experts, connect... more
YouTube to Launch Original Content Featuring Its Own Stars
YouTube is launching original content that features not Hollywood actors but stars whose fame was born on the platform itself. The content, which will include feature-length movies and a series... more
Several Canadians Make Forbes’ 30 Under 30 Lists
Forbes magazine’s fifth annual 30 Under 30 issue hit shelves recently and there are a few Canadians in it. Across all categories there are 600 entrepreneurs, leaders, and stars. Canadians... more
YouTube's Top Trending Videos of 2015: Canada Edition
YouTube is a centre of pop culture, where fans, pranksters, tiny tots and scientists can share their voice and talent no matter where they are from or what their age or point of view. These 10... more
The Most Popular Music Videos in Canada in 2015
It's a fact that music videos are the one of, if not the, most viewed and searched for online video content. 2015’s top 10 music videos were collectively played over 6.8 billion times from... more
The Most Popular Trailers in Canada This Year
Before millions of people go to the movies, they turn to YouTube. Trailers have become more than just a fun way to hook audiences on the story, says YouTube; they have become an essential tool to... more
The Most Popular YouTube Ads of 2015
Google Canada has released the 2015 Canadian YouTube Ads Leaderboard, celebrating the most popular video ads among Canadian viewers of the year. This year’s top trending ads demonstrate... more
Haivision Moves into Enterprise Video Platform Market
Large organizations are increasingly using video to communicate with their employees but getting that content to the right people can be a challenge. “Video is emerging as the most... more
The Five Best Ads to Ever Play on YouTube
Celebrating 10 years in the business, YouTube recently opened up voting for users to pick their all-time favourite ads. The results are in. In first is Turkish Airlines and the teams at Crispin... more
Apple Publishes 'Backstage' Online (The Video You Laughed at Before Falling Asleep at WWDC)
There's no denying that Apple's keynote at this year's Worldwide Developers Conference in San Francisco kind of sucked. Aside from being fairly boring and relatively predictable—even the "one... more
North America's First YouTube FanFest to Debut in Canada in May
YouTube FanFest is coming Saturday, May 2, to Toronto. The free event, a first for North America, will welcome some of the biggest Canadian and international YouTube stars for a live showcase in... more
Our Favourite Super Bowl Ad from Each Quarter of the Game
This year's Super Bowl is over but its 70-plus ads will live on forever via YouTube. Here's a standout ad for every quarter of the game. First Quarter The first quarter seldom boasts the best,... more
Watch GoPro Footage from the NHL All-Star Weekend
GoPro made waves last week after landing a partnership with the National Hockey League. The company and the sports league make for a rather fitting pair, it would seem. Following a ridiculously... more
Sia Apologizes After Army of Absurd Prudes Fabricate Sexuality in Artistic Music Video
Sia, one of the more interesting and talented musical artists out there today, took to Twitter to issue a public apology following backlash after releasing her latest music video online. The... more
2014's Most-Watched YouTube Videos in Canada
In 2014, Canadians loved watching music videos about female bodies, clips from late night talk show hosts, and touching advertisements. Here are some 2014's most popualr YouTube videos in... more
Eager Beagle Returns Lost Items to Fliers, Deemed 'Real Asset' to Airline
KLM's newest employee is its furriest ever. Sherlock, a beagle, returns items forgotten on planes by passengers flying into Amsterdam Airport Schiphol. "We train for muscle strength, endurance... more
Should Streaming Services Like YouTube, Netflix, be Forced into Same Rules as Domestic Broadcasters?
Google is pressing to keep content from YouTube unregulated in Canada, which has created tension between the software giant and the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission, who... more
CEO of Billion-Dollar Company Caught on Camera Kicking Dog in Vancouver
The chief executive officer of a multibillion-dollar company has been caught on camera kicking a dog and yanking aggressively on its leash. The video, posted online, shows Des Hague, CEO of... more
Canadian Film Centre Brings Canada’s First YouTube Industry Conference to Buffer Festival
The Canadian Film Centre has announced the inaugural Buffer Festival Industry Day. The event will take place in Toronto on Thursday, October 16 at the Hyatt Regency Toronto. The one-day... more
Tim Hortons Submerges Customers in Pure Darkness to Promote First New Blend in 50 Years
Tim Hortons saw smashing success on social media this week with the launch of the #TimsDark Experiment. Leveraging the power of the internet, the Canadian coffee chain launched a clever... more
Scientists Create Visually Stunning New Model of Universe from Big Bang to Modern Day
Scientists at MIT have traced 13 billion years of galaxy evolution in visually stunning detail. Then they put it on YouTube. For those who want more than scientfically salient eye candy, here's... more
Canadian Artist Drake Hits the Streets in Disguise, Creates Hilarious Jimmy Kimmel Video
Racking up nearly six million views in under just a few short days, a video called "Fake Drake" is bound to become one of Jimmy Kimmel's more memorable "I Witness News" segments. "Drake wanted... more
WATCH: The Season Premier of HBO's Newest Show, 'Silicon Valley'
HBO last night premiered its latest show, "Silicon Valley," which is about—well, the title is pretty self-explanatory. HBO, which is notorious for making its content inaccessible, was... more
LEGO Robot Shatters World Record for Fastest Rubik's Cube Solving
A LEGO-based robot called the Cubestormer 3 smashed the Guinness World Record title for solving a Rubik’s Cube, recording a time of—well, watch the video below to find out—at the... more
Sears Employee Fired Over Racist Remarks Captured in Video Posted Online
A Winnipeg employee at Sears has been terminated following the leak of a video that shows him making racial remarks to a customer. During an argument, the employee can be heard asking the... more
It's a Trap! Toronto Mayor Rob Ford Says Jimmy Kimmel Set Him Up
Rob Ford claims he was "set up" by late night television host Jimmy Kimmel. The Toronto mayor traveled to Los Angeles for Kimmel's show last night, but ended up being thoroughly ridiculed by the... more
Unexpected Pairing: Rob Ford to be a Guest on Jimmy Kimmel Live
Rob Ford's political prowess is debatable, but his social media stardom is hardly questionable. Currently anything Ford does or says seems to have high potential for going viral online and he's... more
Facebook Retrospective Looks Back on the Rob Ford Profile that Never Was
Nutty funsters Tom Kucy and Chris Kohanik have put together a retrospective on Rob Ford's Facebook profile over the last year, parodying the "Look Back" videos that celebrate the 10th anniversary... more
Taking on YouTube: CollegeHumor, Vimeo, and Plurk Cofounders Join Rumble's Advisory Board
Last October, Rumble launched its video platform at Web Summit 2013 in Dublin, Ireland, including the simultaneous launch of its Windows 8 desktop app, Android app, and iOS app. At the time, the... more
New Holiday Ad Instantly Becomes Apple's Most Popular Ever
Apple's latest ad is a smashing success. The 90-second holiday-themed spot was published on YouTube on Monday and already has nearly four million views (and a highly positive rating), making it... more
Who Says iPads Aren't Good for Creating Things?
One of the criticisms of Apple's iPad and tablets in general is that they're built solely for the consumption of media and not the creation of it. Apple recently adjusted this attitude by making... more
'Gravity' Movie Trailer Hilariously Remade for IKEA
At over 364,000 square feet, there is no sense of direction, no silence, bad cell service. Life in IKEA is impossible. So goes a clever, entertaining remake of Gravity's intense movie trailer.... more
Canadian Popstar Justin Bieber No Longer Twitter's Most-followed Account
Canadian pop sensation Justin Bieber has been dominating social media networks in Canada and worldwide for years. In 2011, the Biebs lead all Canadians in terms of Twitter followers and Facebook... more
Five Social Video Trends to Watch in 2014
Social Media and online video are fast moving and sprouting quickly into new dimensions. Increasingly, businesses are learning that using online video marketing assists brands in standing out from... more
BroadbandTV Launches VISO Catalyst to Empower Online Video Partners
Vancouver's BroadbandTV announced this morning that it has publicly launched VISO Catalyst, a powerful web platform that enables channel partners to optimize their video content and better manage... more
Vancouver's Trainerize Launches Add-on Directory with Five Inaugural App Partners
Vancouver-based Trainerize, a training platform for fitness professionals, today added five app partners to its new Add-on Directory. The five apps being integrated with the Canadian startup are... more
NASCAR Tries to Take Down Crash Video, Google Denies Request
University sophomore Tyler Andersen captured a serious crash at a Nascar event on Saturday. The crash saw debris, including a racecar tire, fly into the stands, injuring fans. The video was... more
Twitter Dominates Facebook Super Bowl Ads, Google+ Nowhere to be Found
Social network Twitter made short work of its competition during yesterday's 52 Super Bowl commercials. And it didn't even need an ad to do so. According to data provided by Matt McGree over at... more
How Much Your Favourite Social Network Would Cost to Use Without Advertising
Most people accept the fact that online advertising is the price they pay for free access to social network and news content. But what if they had the option for pay for an ad-free experience? How... more
Hey, Sexy Lady: Psy's Gangnam Style Crowned Video of the Year in Canada
Carly Rae Jepsen is Canadian. Her viral hit "Call Me Maybe" has more than 361 million views on YouTube on the original music video alone (plus another trillion or so from parody hits). Justin... more
Canadian Agency Launches Viral Video for View-Buying Service
Toronto-based agency John St. is creating buzz around its brand with a new viral video about... well, creating viral videos. The Canadian agency, which does advertising, digital strategy, social... more
YouTube Mobile Activity Quadruples, Now Accounts for 26% of All Video Views
YouTube is feeling the might of the mobile revolution. Then again, who isn't? According to YouTube executive Robert Kyncl, the Google-owned video streaming company says that views from mobile... more
Is This the End of Interruptive Advertising?
Is this the end of interuptive advertising? In short, no. Industry experts and opinion enthusiasts have been debating the top of native vs. interruptive advertising, quick to predict the end of... more
Canadians Hate the Bell-Astral Merger, but Does it Really Matter That Much in Today's World?
The Canadian mass media war of 2012 continues as 20,000 Canadians have now made their voice heard against the multi-billion dollar merger at  But considering that video... more
Two Canadians Win YouTube Next Comics Program
One of YouTube's greatest charms is the abundance of comedy: average joes trying their hardest to make people laugh on the other side of a computer screen. Sometimes it works, and sometimes it... more
Epic Meal Time's Harley Morenstein on Keeping Things Fresh and What He Eats Off-Air
I had a chance to sit down with Harley Morenstein, creator and personality of YouTube force Epic Meal Time, after his panel at NXNEi. We chatted about new media tactics, eating habits, and... more
Bell Suggests YouTube Not a Threat to Television; Rogers Says It's Direct Competition
The leaders of Canada's largest telecommunications companies apparently possess stark differences in their views of online, user-generated content and how it affects their traditional television... more
Next is Now Campaign: Rogers Looks at How Much Canadians Value the Internet [Video]
Nearly four in 10 Canadians value the internet as much as electricity and water. 38% of us want smart appliances. 54% of us watch movies and TV shows on computers. And most of us with tablets and... more
Help BroadbandTV Raise Money for Charity by Creating or Simply Watching a YouTube Video
Last week, BroadbandTV, the largest online video aggregator in Canada, announced the launch of their first social video fundraiser. Now the three year old startup is seeking global support for a... more
More Content Has Been Uploaded to YouTube from Canada than CTV and CBC Have Produced in 50 Years
Some of the most prolific Canadian broadcasters Canadians have ever known since the beginnings of widespread television in the 1950s have fallen prey to YouTube’s seven-year rise in terms of... more
How Fast Can Larry the Bird Fly These Days? About 3,000 Tweets Per Second (Up 25% in One Month!)
So, it's more or less been confirmed that the long nameless Twitter bird has actually been named "Larry" all along (likely in reference to Larry Bird, the former professional... more
WAR: Microsoft Directly Attacks Google in New Ad [VIDEO]
It's a war of the tech titans. The "Don't Be Evil" Google, which has been taking a lot of flack during the past year for questionable activity—most recently circumventing Apple's Safari... more
Tennis Video Goes Viral and It's Not Even About Tennis
Tennis fans will have had their eyes glued to the boob tube these past couple of weeks, which saw several epic matches, crowned by a record-breaking finals match between the world number one, Novak... more
Shit Tech Entrepreneurs Say [VIDEO]
Just today, we noted that Venture Beat released "Shit Startup People Say." But apparently we missed "Shit Entrepreneurs Say" (clearly for techies), which was quietly published on... more
Toronto's TeamBuy Jumps on the Meme Wagon, Unveils 'Shit Rich People Say' [VIDEO]
"My daughter has a sex tape? I thought she was in rehab!" Toronto daily deals site TeamBuy has officially saved users $100,000,000 in its two-year existence. The web startup celebrated this... more
Tumblr Reaches 15 Billion Pageviews Per Month; YouTube Streams 4 Billion Videos Per Day
Tumblr founder and CEO David Karp revealed today at the Digital Life Design Conference in Munich that his blogging platform is visited by over 120 million unique users per month, resulting in more... more
Vancouver Company Makes Online Video Blatantly Mocking Its Customers… and the Customers Love It
If someone founded a retail startup and asked their mentor, "is it a good idea to openly mock my customers online?" the mentor would most likely back away slowly. "You're crazy to even think that,"... more
These Were the 10 Most Watched Videos on YouTube in 2011
YouTube today published a blog post highlighted the top videos of the year. Noting that YouTube surpassed 1 trillion views in 2011—140 views for every person on the planet—the... more
Disney Movies Are Coming to YouTube in Canada
Google announced today that is has licensed movies from Walt Disney Studios. The company's YouTube Movies feature will allow users to rent Disney moves. With just a handful of Disney titles... more
MIXX Canada: The Ever Changing Innovative, Optimized and Animated Display Ad
While Techvibes reported that the IAB recently released a report that mobile advertising was growing four times faster than online advertising, I had a chance to take in the conference they ran in... more
Klout can now factor YouTube accounts into your social influence score
Following the addition of LinkedIn integration in June and Foursquare integration in July, Klout now factors in YouTube when quantifying your social media influence. The... more
YouTube to enter the realm of live content
Google 's YouTube aims to deliver live-streamed events. The popular video website is founded on the concept of homemade videos being posted to the web (it's tagline is "Broadcast... more
Federal Election 2011: Who is winning the social media war? [Infographic]
There was a time, not very long ago, that social media didn't exist. And when it first came about, it didn't really seem like a platform appropriate for politics. But U.S. presidential candidate... more
Justin Bieber world's first to crack legendary milestone of 500,000,000 single-video YouTube views
Only Rebecca Black's Friday has more dislikes than Justin Bieber's "Baby," but not even Charlie's aggressive teeth nor Gaga's overhyped pseudo-weirdness can attract more viewers than Ontario... more
Canadians engaging with more online video than Americans or Brits
Canadians lead the internet pack yet again. Maybe it's because we're otherwise bored stiff from playing with penguins outside of arctic igloos, but ew Angus Reid Public Opinion poll suggests that... more
Montréal's Bluestreak Technology breaks down 2010's five most important numbers
Dominique Jodoin, CEO of Montreal-based technology company Bluestreak Technology, has put together an executive commentary on what he feels are the five most important... more
YouTube Wars: Canada's Justin Bieber versus America's Keenan Cahill [video]
Over the years, YouTube has given rise to myriad celebrities. Some never break out of YouTube. Some experience temporary or shallow fame. And some go on to become superstars. Among the latter is... more
In one minute, 2,100 minutes of video is uploaded on YouTube
Let's just say it's a little more than impossible for any one person to watch every video on YouTube. In fact, even 2,100 people could barely keep up. Google-owned YouTube said recently that 35... more
The New
On Tuesday night the good folks at Twitter announced a bunch of cool upgrades to their service. Earlier in the afternoon, Twitter CEO @Ev (Evan Williams) announced that Twitter would be making... more
The new way to get hired: Student creates YouTube Instant, it goes viral, YouTube CEO offers job via Twitter
Google Instant has inspired the very impressed YouTube Instant, but the latter wasn't created by Google OR YouTube. It was built by Feross Aboukhadijeh of Stanford University).... more
News in Short: YouTube still not profitable according to Google CEO; Twitter owes Justin Bieber big time
YouTube still not profitable according to Google CEO The popular video site has been "near" profitability for a long time, according to Google. Most recently, Google CEO Eric Schmidt confirmed... more
News in Short: Google looks to innovate display and video ads; Facebook revamps 'like' button (again...)
Google looks to innovate display and video ads In an official blog post, Google announced that it's simplifying its display advertising process in a post on the Official Google Blog. Google... more
YouTube turns privacy policy struggles into everybody-wins profits
When a YouTube user posts a video from something they shouldn't, such as a copyrighted television episode, the third party who owns those copyrights contacts YouTube, who then removes the video and... more
Co-founder of Microsoft is suing Facebook, Google, Apple, eBay, and more
Paul Allen, a co-founder of Microsoft (but has since left), has filed lawsuits against  AOL, Apple, eBay, Facebook, Netflix, Office Depot, OfficeMax, Staples, Yahoo and YouTube (owned by... more
News in Short: Youtube's new 'Leanback' feature attempts to replace TV, HTC and Samsung chastise Steve Jobs
YouTube introduces Leanback feature A problem with the mass-video website has always been that you need to click around for a new video every few minutes. Other sites, such as College Humour,... more
Totlol Founder calls it quits - this time for good
Techvibes has been following the progress (and regress) Vancouver video start-up Totlol and it's Founder Ron Ilan over the past couple years. - YouTube for Kids - June 18, 2008... more
MGM and YouTube partner to announce several new MGM Channels
MGM and YouTube announced a partnership on Monday to bring full-length MGM movies and programming to YouTube. The deal kicks off on a pretty lackluster note, admittedly - MGM is offering two... more

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