YowTRIP is a social platform for world travelers. Our goal is to connect like-minded people so they can meet and travel together (1) by matching their travel plans with those of other members who are going to be at the same place during the same time as well as residents of that location, and (2) by allowing members to create/join groups to go anywhere.

YowTRIP differentiates itself from the other travel sites because it focuses on enabling travel enthusiastic to meet in real life. Our revenue model is based on partnerships that add value to our members, not advertisement.

YowTRIP is not a website to review restaurants/hotels, it's not a website to simple share tips/advices, it's not a website for organizing travel plans. YowTRIP is all about helping travelers meeting other people with similar interests coming to their town or whereever they're traveling.

You can also create a public profile to share your photos, travelogues, videos, tips, place a widget on your own blog, etc


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