Zapproved has one mission: to invent technology that minimizes organizational and social barriers to decision-making. Our innovative, experienced technology professionals have teamed up to make a difference in how people work.

We realized that people put an inordinate amount of energy into building consensus — a challenge exacerbated by the information overload, different communication platforms and geography. Rather than having technology be part of the problem, we are making it part of the solution. To facilitate consensus, Zapproved is applying social networking concepts to business problems by implementing peer-to-peer collaboration.

Our goal is to deliver to market a suite of cutting edge business productivity tools that make work environments more efficient and more pleasant. It is an ambitious goal, but then again, so are we.


News on Zapproved

Zapproved brings email accountability to projects
Zapproved promises to end endlessly circling project delays by giving email recipients two responses to new projects: approve or deny. Well, it's not exactly that simple. Users are also given the... more

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