The Zerofootprint group of companies empowers communities, businesses, and organizations to live ingeniously in a low carbon world. We do green.

The group is currently comprised of three distinct but related organizations: Zerofootprint Not-for-Profit, Zerofootprint Software and Zerofootprint Carbon.

Zerofootprint Not-for-Profit was founded in 2005, with the aim of using technology to engage communities around climate change, and to pursue opportunities that uphold values of economic development, risk management, research and advocacy. Our Not-for-Profit group pursues opportunities in government (Federal, Provincial and Municipal), education (universities, elementary and middle schools) and other Not-for-Profit organizations. Zerofootprint Not-for-Profit utilizes products and services from the Software and Carbon companies and is incorporated and managed by its own Board of Directors.

Zerofootprint Software develops enterprise carbon management solutions for corporations and multinational organizations. Our clients use our software to measure and manage carbon across their balance sheet and supply chain. Customers purchase software and consulting services to support their top down and bottom up climate change initiatives. Zerofootprint Software was incorporated in early 2008 to focus on for-profit organizations. Through a series of international Joint Ventures and resale agreements, the company pursues global opportunities in the Americas, UK, Europe and Australia. Zerofootprint Software utilizes the projects and services from Zerofootprint Carbon in its offerings to corporations.

Zerofootprint Carbon is the newest member of the Group. Incorporated in June 2008, this organization sources and develops "blue-chip" carbon offsetting projects that meet rigorous industry standards. The process of delivering offsets to our customers involves an extensive lifecycle, which begins with research and development of new projects, sourcing projects from independent organizations, and validating and verifying projects to accepted specifications (including ISO 14064). Our work continues with the management of our offset portfolio to assure geographic and project type diversification, as well as investment and assistance in the development of new projects.


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