Zeugma Systems

Zeugma Systems

Zeugma Systems is a privately held telecommunications equipment supplier delivering open solutions that accelerate new service deployment for broadband service providers of all types. The Zeugma Services Node, a service delivery router (SDR), uniquely combines massive compute resources with next-generation capacity, service awareness, and subscriber management in a carrier-grade, fully redundant system. The result is a new class of equipment that enables service providers to:

  • Rapidly prototype and launch new revenue-generating services and network behaviors,
  • Identify and monitor session flows on a highly granular per-subscriber, per-service basis,
  • Manage individual session flows to enforce policy-based quality of service (QOS) and capacity rules,
  • Develop applications, such as premium internet video, that add value to individual session flows,
  • Reduce the number and types of edge devices required to deliver high-value services while performing standard broadband aggregation and subscriber management functions.


News on Zeugma Systems

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