Zi Corporation

Zi Corporation

Zi Corporation has a singular focus: to make mobile devices smarter and easier to use. Zi makes "intelligent interfaces" - software products that simplify data entry and interaction on communications devices. The result is richer, more personalized interaction for quicker, easier communication in 60 different language databases for use around the world.

The Zi product portfolio includes:

eZiType™ is a comprehensive predictive text entry product for mobile email users. Ideal for keyboard-based mobile devices such as Smartphones, PDAs and gaming consoles, eZiType improves the mobile email user's text entry experience by enhancing typing speed and spelling accuracy.
eZiText™ provides fast, efficient, predictive one-touch entry and word completion, enhanced with the interactive learning and personalization of a user's own language patterns and behavior.
Qix™ is a new service discovery engine that provides a quick and easy method for accessing a phone's full set of features, applications and services without having to remember where and how to find them via the traditionally structured menu system.
Decuma™ delivers a new class of input method for pen-based devices. By fusing industry leading handwriting recognition with predictive text technology, the result is an exceptional new user experience.

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