Zigtag is a revolutionary new semantic, social tagging service that allows you to...

  • save hundreds even thousands of websites and retrieve each one again in seconds
  • see which sites your friends found interesting
  • join or create groups based around interests or projects
  • find the sites you're really looking for e.g. Apple (computers) vs. Apple (fruit)


News on Zigtag

Zigtag profiled on ReadWriteWeb
We profiled Edmonton-born Zigtag seven months ago shortly after their demo at DemoCampEdmonton and now after a nine-month beta Sarah Perez of ReadWriteWeb contemplates whether Zigtag in intelligent... more
Zigtag Organizes the Web
If you’re like me and you go through dozens of websites every day, keeping track of the good ones poses a real problem. You can’t possibly bookmark them all (if your bookmarks are like... more

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