Zoodango.com is a hyperlocal map-based online service that combines social networking, computer intelligence, and geo-spatial search to help you make real-time decisions. Zoodango.com was created with the vision of building the next generation platform for local social media. The purpose behind Zoodango is to provide a full suite of innovative tools layered on content to help you interact efficiently and deeply with your local community.

Zoodango helps you explore your city through an intelligent spatial map with access to local data that can be personalized to your interests. Zoodango uses an intelligent scoring system to help you make decisions on where to go and what to do with friends.

Zoodango offers a unique experience of walking through a virtual world of your physical world. When you walk through your city block, you see all the places around you and everything that’s going on. Zoodango replicates this same experience through a single online interactive view. There's no need to drive or walk through your city to see, find, and experience your local area... the power is now in your fingertips.


News on Zoodango

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Apprentice Runner-up goes hyper-local
Seattle-based Zoodango.com relaunched yesterday with a hyperlocal map-based online service that combines computer intelligence and geo-search to help consumers efficiently find and discover local... more

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