Wind Mobile Speeds Up Roaming Data, Lowers Price by 95%

This week Wind Mobile introduced improved domestic roaming with faster data and lower speeds.

Speeds can now reach up to 42 Mbps, or more than 300 times faster than before. Prices have lowered: 15 cents per mintue to talk (previously 20 cents), five cents per text (previously 15 cents), and five cents per megabyte of data (previously $1).

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Ink Less Reliant on Paper as Software Starts to Eat Tattoo Industry

Every profile I’ve written comes back to a central theme: software eating the world in its own unique way.

FounderFuel graduate Tattoo Hero fits that theme perfectly. The tattoo industry is one of the most interesting in the world, a close-knit and tightly woven collective that is as open and beautiful on the inside, as it seems mysterious and vaguely threatening for some on the outside.

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Unreliability is Endemic in Today's Business World. It's Time to Fight Back

Unreturned phone calls, missed appointments, over-promising and under-delivering... it’s time to fight back and set an example. Unreliability is endemic in today’s business world.

I simply can’t believe how inefficient and unreliable people have become. It’s not just when I’m trying to sell something to someone, when it’s possible they are just ignoring me, but it’s prevalent even in day-to-day discourse, or while working on a project.

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New Study Predicts 69 Percent of Consumers Will Own an IoT Device by 2019

Today the GROW Conference kicks off in Whistler and the theme is very different that previous iterations.

With Living in a Connected World as a new tagline, event organizer Debbie Landa is hooking her cart to the Internet of Things and her timing couldn't be better.

The Internet of Things (IoT) describes the digital connection of physical, identifiable devices to the Internet where the data and devices communicate in an intelligent fashion.

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