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Don't Expect Google's New Wireless Service to Come to Canada

Google says it's launching a new cellular service in the United States.

The increasingly diversified internet giant has been making moves into the wireless space for a some time. Those have mostly been on the hardware and software side: developing the Android operating system, releasing phones and incorporating calling and messaging features into its Voice and Hangouts services.

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Apple Watch App Monitors and Tracks Skin Health

ModiFace, a Toronto-based creator of augmented reality technology for the beauty and medical industries, this week announced the upcoming availability of the Skin app for the Apple Watch.

Skin enables users to scan any part of their body, including hard to see areas such as the back of the neck using their iPhone, with the Apple Watch providing a live preview of the scanning results.

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Four Canadian Startups Creating the Future of Fitness

As obesity rates reach all-time highs, a new culture of health and fitness is emerging to rally against sedentary lifestyles.

Fuelled by new technology and the rise of the "quantified self," the future of fitness combines apps and analytics with good old-fashioned iron pumping to deliver optimal workouts and the motivation necessary to pull them off.

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