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Whistler's PayrollHero Grows with Subway

PayrollHero is a two-year-old startup with a team of 17 split between offices in the Philippines and Whistler.

Built specifically for the needs of the Southeast Asian market, PayrollHero is a time, attendance, scheduling, analytics and payroll platform. And last week they announced another client win that will be recognizable across the globe: Subway.

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Discover Your Own City Through Your Smartphone

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Maybe you just moved to a new city. Maybe you've lived there your whole life. Either way, we can guarantee there are at least a couple things in you haven't seen or done before.

To discover those new adventures, hot up streets you've never been down and eat at restaurants you've never heard of. For aid on this journey, look no further than the palm of your hand. Your smartphone, with the help of a few apps, can be your tourist guide.

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