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Slack's Stewart Butterfield Pledges Personal Shares to Science World

Last week at Science World’s annual Equity Giving event Slack's Stewart Butterfield pledged his personal shares, to help foster science literacy and to support our future science and technology leaders.

Butterfield spoke at Science World’s Equity Giving event, in an informal interview setting with Boris Wertz, founding partner of early-stage VC Version One Ventures and Sandra Wear, the new CEO for InTouch Technology.

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How Tech Startups are Changing Canada's Grocery Industry

People have long become used to buying clothes, electronics and everyday goods online and having it delivered to their door; according to eMarketer, the e-commerce market is expected to rise nearly $30 billion this year in Canada.

With such an intense influence on the retail market, it’s interesting that grocery delivery services – widely available in countries like Europe and India for a long time – haven’t taken off as much in North America.

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BuildDirect, Mobify, Others Gather to Discuss Future of Ecommerce in a Mobile-First World

On Tuesday, April 28, Vancouver Enterprise Forum hosted the panel discussion "The Future of E-Commerce" at the Vancity Theatre with over 200 people in attendance. 

The expert panel included Jeff Booth, CEO & President at BuildDirect, Igor Faletski, CEO at Mobify, Brooke Harley, Founder of Campfire Capital, and Peter Lukomskyj, VP of Products at Elastic Path, with moderator Rick Kohn, Partner with Private Company Services at Deloitte.

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Vancouver’s Tech Talent Crunch

Tens of thousands of talented Canadians have been checking out the Vancouver Economic Commission’s (VEC) latest contest and video to show the tech boom happening in Vancouver, and the job opportunities that have sprung from it. Contest entrants are eager to explore some of those opportunities by winning a free trip to the city, and recent statistics show their enthusiasm is well-founded.

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