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How Anonymity Affects Cyberbullying

On the Internet, people will often say things they would never say to a person directly. The web provides a false sense of security, allowing people to feel as though they can say anything with no repercussions.

According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, cyberbullying is the top online risks for teenagers, but adolescents aren’t the only age group impacted by online harassment.

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New Research Brings a Clear Understanding of Social Television

Today Montreal's Seevibes published a white paper study about social television in Canada to celebrate the launch of Seevibes Market Insight.

Seevibes specializes in the global measurement and targeting of the social TV audience and Market Insightallows broadcasters, agencies and advertisers access to any market’s social audience, through over 100 channels and 265,000 broadcasted programs in Canada.

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