Progressa Announces Successful $11.4 Million Series A Financing and New Marketplace Investor Platform for 2016

progressa™, a Vancouver-based financial technology company focused on helping sub-prime and near-prime Canadians seeking to improve their financial health, announced today that it has closed an $11.4 million Series A equity & debt financing round led by Cypress Hills Partners and Conconi Growth Partners.

Founded just under three years ago, progressa has established a solution for millions of credit-constrained Canadian consumers looking for a second chance at improving their credit history.

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E-180 a Matchmaking Site for Learning, Not Dating

Montreal-based E-180 is a bit of a matchmaking site—but it’s not for setting up traditional dates, it’s for setting up the company’s founder calls “brain dates.”

“A brain date is a one-on-one meeting between two people interested in learning from each other,” says Christine Renaud, the co-founder and CEO of E-180. “We’re kind of a dating site but not to help you find the love of your life but to help you learn from somebody you don’t know.”

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