LaunchLeap's Co-creation Platform Allows Consumers to Engage with Companies Pre-Product

The classic tale told around the world is one of technology transcending social constraints.

For the longest time, the industrial age has given the world a top-down approach of building things. Centralized planners would decide what people would like, and build those things. The planners created marketing as a function of the manufacturing process rather than as a result. Customers played a very small part in the products they were building. It was too cumbersome to go beyond the standard focus groups that defined a generation of top-down marketers.

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On Leaning into Legal

Your friendly legaltech writing team is actually typing this piece into a email as we drive back to Toronto from East Lansing, Michigan, home of the mighty Spartans. We spent the weekend in Michigan to deliver a natural extension of our writing (the more charitable among you describe it as "thought leadership" and we thank you for it) in the form of our #LegalLean lean innovation program for the evolution of the legal industry.

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