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You’re Leaving Money on the Table: Eight Common Misperceptions about SR&ED

Is your company conducting research or experimental development? If so—and you’re not already claiming the SR&ED tax credit—you’re leaving money on the table. The Scientific Research & Experimental Development (SR&ED) tax credit program helps eligible businesses recover up to 64% of their R&D expenditures. The program’s research and development definition, particularly...

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'Traction Trumps Everything,' Says GrowLab's Jonathan Bixby at Startup Grind

This was the first StartupGrindVan event in a long, long time that wasn’t set against the gloom of a rainy night. Between the sunshine and the excitement for the evening’s speaker there was an energy to the networking session before that hadn’t been seen in the two months prior.

A slight change to the layout of the event made a surprisingly large shift. The previous set-up staged the networking (and the beer) in a smaller, more intimate zone of the space—Wednesday night’s chat had the formal seating there instead, which lead to a pleasantly community-centric event.

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