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Apple Brings iTunes Pass to Canada

Apple this week brought iTunes Pass to Canada.

Compatible with iOS 6 and up, iTunes Pass helps customers who use iTunes gift cards to purchase songs, apps, and books from Apple without connecting a credit card to their Apple ID. It also allows for exact amounts, unlike gift cards, which are only available in certain denominations.

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Collaborative Video App Turns Moments into Memorable Events

It’s the middle of winter, and with the wind-chill factor approaching -35 C, you’ve decided to escape on a Caribbean cruise.

That’s 10 days away with three of your friends, seven days on a floating hotel, docking at five island ports of call, three inland excursions, eight on-ship photo ops and six separate cameras to capture it all.

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'The Future of Commerce': Visa Launches Checkout, the Simplest Way for Canadians to Pay Online

Celebrating the grand opening of its new 500-employee office at One Market in downtown San Francisco, Visa announced the launch of a new product called Visa Checkout.

Visa Checkout, which is a complete overhaul-slash-replacement of, heralds "the future of commerce," according to Visa, offering a way to pay online and via mobile that is "simpler than any other option."

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