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Kitchens get Smarter with Toronto's SKE Labs' Jars

Toronto's Smart Kitchen Ecosystem Labs announced today the launch of its major funding campaign for the first ever smart container, the NeoSmart Jar.

Using Bluetooth connectivity and ultra-responsive sensors, Neotracks the weight and nutritional content of what it contains, allowing for historical and real-time tracking of key dietary components, including calories, carbohydrates, fat and protein.

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How to Manage Your Startup's Intellectual Property

Salim Dharssi, Ashlee Froese and Matthew Powell of Gilbert's LLP explain the different types of IP management and the importance of putting it in place for your startup.

There isn’t one solution that works for everyone, so IP management for startups is dealt with on a case-by-case basis. Our experts discussed the five types of IP: patent, trademark, copyright, design and trade secret. The panel also explained which situations need IP protection and how to keep costs down when you’re bootstrapping.

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Seven Tips from Bruce Croxon on How to Survive Ups, Downs of Entrepreneurship

Bruce Croxon, a Canadian entrepreneur and former dragon on CBC-TV program “Dragons’ Den,” stopped by MaRS to deliver a down-to-earth, informative and fun lecture to an enthusiastic Entrepreneurship 101 crowd.

He offered a ton of advice on everything from how to tell if entrepreneurship is right for you to how to hire the right people to why pitching dog products on “Dragons’ Den” is a bad idea.

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Teaching Kids to Code an Investment in Every Generation

People tend to roll their eyes at the generation of young teens glued to their mobile phones. But that generation understands one thing more than any one of us: that technology is truly here to stay.

What is important now is to shift consumers of technology into creators of technology. Teens are starting to get this.

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