The Lessons I Have Learned While Building a Startup for Southeast Asia

PayrollHero was born out of our own need.

In 2008 Michael Stephenson and I were looking to outsource our customer service for our real estate software company. We flew to the Philippines in search of a BPO (read: outsourcing company) and soon decided that instead of outsourcing to someone else, we should get into the outsourcing business. We setup a BPO in Manila, and it was in this BPO that we learned about the pains of time, attendance, scheduling, HRIS and payroll in Southeast Asia. Thus, PayrollHero was born.

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Biggest Fans of Samsung's New Galaxy S5? Apple iPhone Users, it Seems

Have you bought the new Galaxy S5 from Samsung yet? The S5, released worldwide on April 12 from South Korean manufacturer Samsung, has been on the receiving end of some fantastic reviews online. From all accounts, it appears that the most popular line of phones in the Android world is well on its way to becoming another hit in the sales department.

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