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Why Uber Should Have Launched in Vancouver First

In the fight of the global cities, it is known that Toronto competes with Chicago and New York to be the center of the universe, Montreal ambitions to be like Paris and London as capital of culture and arts, and Vancouver races with San Francisco and Seattle to be a beacon of all things technology and green.

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The Future of Work: Virtual Reality versus Workforce Disruption

The second round of GoToMeeting Canada’s week-long national #FutureofWork discussion happened over Twitter yesterday.

Two big trends — virtual reality and workforce disruption — went head-to-head as entrepreneurs and startups voiced their opinion on which will have the biggest impact on the future of work.

Topics included the promising business applications of virtual reality, opportunities automation and AI may bring to SMBs and the rise of technological unemployment.

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Moms Push for Greater Privacy Control on Facebook

With 1.3 billion monthly active Facebook users, you wouldn’t think that a few privacy-conscious moms would have any impact on the social media giant.

But with one in three bloggers being a mom, according to Neilson, and the uproar over the latest Facebook Messenger app emerging from some of those very blogs, Facebook is feeling the push for greater privacy control from a key demographic.

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New System Sends Life-saving Text Messages to Residents of Vancouver's Downtown Eastside

This past June, seven people overdosed in Vancouver's Downtown Eastside from an apparent “bad batch” of heroin, prompting local police and public officials to issue a warning to local service agencies and media outlets.

When these toxic batches of drugs enter a market like Vancouver, the results are tragic, and in many cases preventable with quick medical attention.

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