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Bill C-51 Would Create a Massive Surveillance Network Affecting All Canadians

A proposed federal anti-terrorism law is drawing widespread criticism and it’s not just coming from protest groups—legal experts and even the federal government’s top privacy watchdog are also speaking out.

Critics say that Bill C-51 will turn the Canadian Security Intelligence Service into a secret police force, endanger free speech, and even threaten the ability of Canadian tech companies to do business internationally.

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Guess What Else is Killing Your Kid?


That cool thing we've all come to enjoy and love every day. It allows us to connect our smartphones, tablets, and computers to the glorious invention known as the internet, through which we communicate, create, and waste colossoal volumes of time. What would we do without it at this point, honestly? Twiddle our thumbs? Kick rocks around? I don't even want to think about it.

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Teaching Kids to Code an Investment in Every Generation

People tend to roll their eyes at the generation of young teens glued to their mobile phones. But that generation understands one thing more than any one of us: that technology is truly here to stay.

What is important now is to shift consumers of technology into creators of technology. Teens are starting to get this.

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