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App 'Hear' Lets People Listen to Others Anonymously on Their Phone

What if you weren’t sure where to go with your innermost thoughts?

Anonymous applications have proliferated, but most of them are textually based. You can tell your story, but it is confined in a limiting context. The only mode of expression you can hope to achieve with them is through the power of sight: text layered over images that can convey feelings and meaning, but cannot immerse.

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Canadians Will Now See Ads on Instagram

Instagram has added advertising to Canada, which is great news for advertisers but not-so-great news for Canadian users of the platform.

Initial advertisers include Air Canada, Target Canada, and Sport Chek, but you can bet you'll be seeing dozens more very quickly due to the popularity of Instagram.

The company, which is owned by Facebook, promises that "ads have been designed to be seamlessly integrated with [the] experience" of Instagram, but in the end, ads are still ads.

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Why Uber Should Have Launched in Vancouver First

In the fight of the global cities, it is known that Toronto competes with Chicago and New York to be the center of the universe, Montreal ambitions to be like Paris and London as capital of culture and arts, and Vancouver races with San Francisco and Seattle to be a beacon of all things technology and green.

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