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MP Calls Tech Companies Unpatriotic, Says Dictatorships 'Best Form of Government'

Just weeks before questioning the patriotism of some of Canada’s most successful tech companies, a Conservative member of parliament said he preferred dictatorships to democracy.

Last week, MP Laurie Hawn accused the CEO of companies like Hootsuite, Shopify and Slack of profiting off of terrorist propaganda and suggested that had motivated their criticism of a new bill that will expand the powers of Canada’s spy agencies.

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How to Make Dramatic Improvements, One Step at a Time

There is a difference between the entrepreneur that becomes successful and the one who does not. But it’s not as big of a difference as you may think.

Of course entrepreneurs often have to make several startup attempts before finding success, but as they improve and become better entrepreneurs, they develop a performance and attitude change that often alters the outcome.

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