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Adult Entertainment Showscases Wit with 'Titcoins' Parody, Raises Questions About Society [NSFW]

If you haven’t seen it yet, Titcoins is a parody of digital currency initiatives that ultimately fell through due to its instability, i.e. Bitcoin and Dogecoin. The video includes familiar tech startup cartoon characters and a soft-spoken narrator, explaining the imaginative functionality, which enables women to pay for various goods and services with a faceless photo of their—you guessed it—tits. 

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Canadian Company Launches At-Home Kit for Couples to Test Their Long-Term Compatibility

Toronto's Instant Chemistry this week announced the launch of its at-home compatibility kit for couples so partners now have "an affordable way to test chemistry and compatibility long before a life-changing commitment is made." Based on "a combination of genetic and psychological components," the Couples Kit reveals the underlying compatibility between partners and provides tips for helping their relationship grow.

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Canada's Hottest Startups Head to Twitter for Group Discussion

Once again, GoToMeeting Canada hosted another successful group interview over Twitter with the latest crop of the Techvibes 20.

The most promising Canadian tech startups from across different time zones gathered to talk innovation, breakthroughs, roadblocks and what inspires them.

From the makers of the first “smart shirt” for respiration and heart activity tracking to the latest virtual reality startup, read what the Techvibes 20 companies have planned on the horizon.

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What’s Your Social Media Influence and Why Does 
it Matter?

Social media influence is about as close to “digital money” as you can get, and without that influence, you’re just a lonely voice talking to no one, which is sadly what my Saturday nights look like.

With it, your blogs get comments and recommendations on Google+, your tweets get retweeted, your links get opened, and your Facebook pages get “liked.”

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