Mozilla's Appmaker Helps People Who Can't Code Create Apps for Free

On a Thursday afternoon inside Mozilla’s loft-style office in Toronto’s entertainment district, a Maker Party is underway.

In one room, blue and yellow streamers and balloons hang from the ceiling, gaming music plays in the background, pieces of an impossible-to-assemble puzzle are scattered on a table, while a livestream of tweets flow down a projector screen from parties in cities around the world.

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Velocity Fund Flourishes and Continues to Fund Student Startups

The University of Waterloo's Velocity Fund was established in 2011 following a donation of $1 million by Kik founder and Velocity Residence alumnus Ted Livingston.

The Velocity Fund is a grant program for startups and aspiring entrepreneurs to win funding through competitions held three times per year with four $25K grants for the best companies who are current students or recent alumni who have graduated within the past year.

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What Every Entrepreneur Should Know About Financing Right Now

Over the past few years, we have seen an explosion of startup activity as the traditional barriers to entry have come down. The ability to raise money no longer determines one’s fate. With lowered costs to build and run websites, acquire and retain users, virtually anybody can pick up coding and start a tech company.

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