The Growth of Financial Technology in BC

At the Fintech Conference in Vancouver earlier this month, three FinTech founders sat on a panel together to discuss their philosophies and experiences of creating prominent FinTech companies in Canada. On the panel were Hamed Shahbazi, founder of Tio Networks, Kevin Sandhu, co-founder and CEO of Grow, and Ian Crosby, co-founder...

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Regus Opens New Shared Workspace in Vancouver

In a world of freelancers and remote workers, coworking spaces continue to rise in popularity.

The latest flexible, shared working enviornment comes from Regus, who has opened a new space in Robson Square, which was recently decided by the city to be developed into a social hub of downtown.

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How to Hire for a Startup

As part of the founding team of a startup, I’ve seen our company RateHub grow over the last six years from three people to around 40 today. We’ve had our fair share of hiring growing pains, but we’ve learned a lot along the way and have honed in on what works for this type of company.

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PG Connects Unveils Speakers, Tracks for Canadian Conference

To say that the folks at PocketGamer don’t know what’s up is a huge understatement.

While most conventions park in Toronto, or San Fransisco, PG took the unpopular route and announced (a short while back) that they would be holding a Pocketgamer Connects Converence in Vancouver during our nearly unbeatably beautiful month of June.

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