Mary Meeker's State of the Internet Report Favors Canada for Drone Development

In southern British Columbia, Amazon is testing the next generation of unmanned aerial vehicles, quietly preparing for the eventual launch of a drone-based delivery service.

American tech companies come north of the border for a variety of different reasons. To access talent, be closer to customers or to take advantage of generous tax credits, but in this case there’s only one reason Amazon is here: regulations.

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The Rise of the Chief Digital Officer

A convergence is happening in the business world, where digital strategy is fast becoming corporate strategy.

As the two become so infused, does it make sense to have a separate leader and team driving digital transformation?

How can organizations truly integrate digital into all aspects of their thinking – and ultimately, the business?

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Company of the Year Nominee Global Relay Leads Information Archiving in Financial Sector

Instant access, total security, and complete archives of emails and digital communication are critical to financial companies, not just from a business standpoint, but from a legal one.

Vancouver's Global Relay is the leading provider of cloud-based electronic message archiving, supervision, and eDiscovery solutions for the global financial sector, and has been nominated for the Company of the Year award at the BCTIA 2015 Technology Impact Awards

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Canadian Innovation Exchange Launches 2015 CIX TOP 20 Program

Last week the Canadian Innovation Exchange (CIX) launched this year's CIX Top 20 program at the Canadian Venture Capital & Private Equity Association (CVCA) annual conference.

The CIX Top 20 is a showcase of Canada's hottest and most innovative technology companies. The annual forum will take place on November 17, 2015 in Toronto at the MaRS Discovery District.

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Cybersecurity Report 2015. Threats, Trends and Opportunities

The U.S. government issued an executive order declaring cybercrime a 'national emergency' in April of this year. The Bureau of Industry and Security, a US government agency that deals with issues related to national security and high technology, is looking at possibly classifying hacking tools as weapons of war.

Estimates say that the global cost of cybercrime is $400 billion a year, yet in a recent survey of Canadian companies by Price Waterhouse Coppers, 42% of respondents said they have never conducted any formal cybersecurity employee training.

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FlexITy Announces the Grand Opening of the 'Collaboratory' in Winnipeg

FlexITy Solutions Inc. chose the grand opening of its Winnipeg operations center to launch their unified communication solutions "Collaboratory" initiative to Western Canada.

The "Collaboratory", powered by Cisco technology, will leverage FlexITy's facility to create an environment for enterprise private and public sector organizations to test innovative voice, data and collaboration solutions in a simulated environment.

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