Big Viking Games Seeks Top Talent Because They Know Great People Create Great Products

For Albert Lai, the CEO and co-founder of Big Viking Games, the success of his company all comes down to its fans.

“We believe that it’s all about making fans, that’s our mission statement, that’s also how we operate the company,” Lai says. “By making fans of our players, but also by making fans of our employees, we’re able to attract great people.”

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Implementing a Technological Standard Like Wifi? Don’t Overlook Patents

Many technological standards (e.g. wifi, Bluetooth, USB) have been established to promote efficiency and interoperability.

This can lower costs for consumers by increasing manufacturing volumes and reducing switching costs for standardized components. Adoption of a standard is usually collaboratively determined by a standard-setting organization (SSO) made up of industry players including innovators, manufacturers, and implementers in relevant fields.

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