How Apple Pay Will Impact Canada's Banking Industry

Since Apple launched its mobile payment service, Apple Pay, in the U.S. back in October, most wondered when this technology would be adopted north of the border. Recent rumblings suggest Apple Pay may launch in Canada in the first half of 2015, potentially as early as this month. There’s no question that...

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Solve a Problem, Find a Business

It was a punch list that ignited Lauren Hasegawa’s innovative mind and changed her career path.

A punch list, in case you’re wondering, is a list of remaining tasks as a construction job nears completion—things like paint touch-ups, repairs to broken windows and installation of light bulbs.

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CRTC Issues $1.1 Million Penalty to Compu-Finder for Spamming Canadians

The Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission's (CRTC's) Chief Compliance and Enforcement Officer today issued a Notice of Violation to Compu-Finder, which includes a penalty of $1.1 million, for breaking Canada's anti-spam law.

Compu-Finder has 30 days to submit written representations to the CRTC or pay the penalty. It also has the option of requesting an undertaking with the CRTC on this matter.

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AutoPulse Plans to Disrupt Automotive Industry in 2016

A few months after musing with his father about new technologies for the automotive industry, Sam Jesso is one step away from capturing more than $200,000 in seed funding and services to develop such a product.

Jesso heads AutoPulse, a Fredericton startup designing technology that helps auto dealerships monitor their customers’ cars.

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