Android Developer

Android Developer

Who we are

At Jibestream, we have a platform that helps our customers improve people’s Experience of Place. We do this by enabling them to provide people with the most up-to-date and relevant information based on where they are and where they are going. Today, it’s all about the mobile device, being location-aware, and killer business rules that keep us the best at what we do.

We have graduated from a fast growing start up to playing in the big leagues with rapid global expansion. The pipeline is strong and is comprised of Tier 1 companies looking to deploy across entire networks; the product is the best in the market.

Now all we need to win is to continue growing our A team. Traction and product can be developed – finding amazing people is the single hardest part of building a success story. We take our culture and our people very seriously.

What's our tech stack?

Our application runs on cloud hosted Restful Webservices leveraging the latest distributed architecture technologies. Our deployment tools include Jenkins and HockeyApp. We develop our mobile applications and mobile SDKs using Objective C for iOS and Java for Android. Our mobile SDKs are used by our partners and customers to embed our mapping engine into applications built in both Objective C and Swift. Other technologies we work with include Javascript for Web SDK.

What problem are we trying to solve with this role?

We have an amazing opportunity to enhance to the user’s mobile experience of our wayfinding solutions. We want our mobile wayfinding software to look and feel like our favourite games. Now we just need someone who can do that! We need to find the best mobile developer in the market who shares our vision and super-high standards to join our team.

What we’re looking for

Technology is at the core of all our products, and the right candidate will share our enthusiasm. We are cutting edge, and it reflects in our product. We’re looking for a passionate Android Developer who can work in a tightly knit Agile team environment. We only work with the best and brightest. You’ll be joining a multi-disciplinary team, working closely with other software engineers, product managers, project managers and graphic designers, or, as we like to call them, Tech’s Mightiest Heroes. We need a Android Developer who is:

Tech savvy: We need someone who lives and breathes Mobile technology. Someone who can push past the front end of the application and get right to the guts of how it works. As the virtual owner of Jibestream’s mobile development, you will be all, know all, share all, and get it all done. This is your world and you will build it.

Insightful: We need someone with insights into what the user’s mobile experience should look and feel like. Someone who understands the expectations of next generation app users; and how to blend that with easy-to-use functionality for the rest of the population.

Awesome: We need someone who gets it, who believes in it, and who enjoys sharing the love, or just the plan. Our team is super smart and resourceful, if you frame up the problem properly, together you will strategize and solve it.

And here’s what you are looking for, you want to:

• Be amazed: As our Android Developer you will get to see the things you have built be deployed and change the way people interact with our space. You will continue to be wowed by how quickly we adopt new technologies and just how fun and cool indoor mapping is.
• Be committed. This is the long-term career opportunity you have been seeking. A chance to take your gaming skills, both as a developer and as a player, and use them for good. And to make money.
• Be challenged. You will have the chance of a lifetime to push Mobile to its very limits.
• Be passionate. You love what you do and you will love who you are doing it with. Creating quality solutions for exciting clients, with a group of amazing developers. Our team truly wants our tech solutions to be the best in the world. That’s how hard we work.
• Be something of a wish-granter. Whether it’s a new functionality or an upgrade, you will continuously explore ways to improve current and future releases of our products.

So how do we know you are the next Android Developer for us? You’ll have:

• The goods: More than a couple of Android mobile apps you’ve developed for us to take a look at. You will explain why you made certain choices and how you would improve the functionality using newer technology.
• The knowledge: 5+ years as a Senior Mobile Developer. With ideally 3 years on Android Java. Hands-on experience building Android frameworks would be pretty cool too.
• The tools: If we had to draw up a wishlist, it would include Jenkins, TestFlight, HockeyApp, HTML5, JavaScript, CSS3 and experience with mobile animation using Android core graphic libraries.
• The skills: to create exceptional mobile user experiences working from creative designs and wireframes and a strong understanding of RESTful architecture and API’s.
• The essentials: amazing communication skills, a commitment to being part of a team, and prioritizing skills. Experience implementing or working within an Agile framework (you’re an Agile Evangelist!).

Why should you join Jibestream?

We are a winning team: Why join anything but the winning team? World-class clients such as Mall of the Emirates, the Pentagon, US Army Hospitals have selected us and a bunch of others that we can’t tell you the name of until you sign an NDA! Last year we grew exponentially and it’s looking even bigger this year.

Culture & Team: We never stop recruiting the best people in the market because without an amazing team nothing is possible. People at Jibestream are cool, smart and know how to get things done like nobody else.

Learn & Grow: There are no lifetime careers anymore in the tech world. Our goal is to keep you as long as we can by creating an environment where you will grow both personally and professionally. It’s a very challenging environment but you will definitely leave Jibestream with some new skills and great experiences.

What’s the downside?

We are pretty self-aware as a company and know the points where we can do better…here they are:

Tough challenges ahead: We are in the process of transitioning from a company delivering a lot of Professional Services to a Product company. Let’s face it, it’s easier to sell when you can tell the customer that each job can be customized to suit their exact needs. We now have a robust and scalable platform that has defined features and functionality and we are very disciplined on what changes get made to the platform. This is the key to our success and our ability to scale but there will be short-term challenges in making this transition.

Process: The Company is growing really fast in all aspects, which is great. The hard part is that we don’t have the process of a big company in place yet. We are counting on our people to help create that process and adjust quickly as we grow.

Join us

If you are awesome and want to join a larger group of awesome people, please click on the link to apply. We can’t promise it will be a fit but we do promise to consider your creds. We're growing quickly and you never know when the next opportunity will come up so follow us on Twitter @Jibestream or check out our careers page.

Jibestream welcomes and encourages applications from people with disabilities. Accommodations are available on request for candidates taking part in all aspects of the selection process.

Date Posted:
May 19, 2016 11:15 AM PDT

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

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