Backend Developer

Backend Developer

Looking for the perfect startup? Funded. Experienced team. Big problem. Meet Klue, the company that knows other companies. We're looking for a single backend rockstar to complete our starting lineup. We're a small and committed team at the pre-launch stage with $1.4m in funding from known angels and founders who have scaled technology to 100m users and businesses to $100m in revenue.

What you can expect from Klue:

1. You'll have a voice, opinions aren’t just welcome, they're expected
2. You'll work with an experienced team, 90 years of combined biz + tech
3. You'll work on big problems, the kind 85m companies have
4. You'll get ground floor options, at the same price the founders invested at
5. You'll have unlimited vacation, yes unlimited, and be scolded if you haven't used enough
6. You'll choose your own equipment (typically a 27" Apple monitor and jacked up Mac)
7. You'll have free access to a gym, showers, towels and a secure bike room

What we expect from you:

1. You've built scalable service oriented architectures
2. You've specified REST apis on multiple stacks
3. You're ramped in open source language frameworks, ideally ruby/rails
4. You're experienced in distributed systems design and implementation
5. You're worked in agile, iterative development, mockups to production
6. You've developed toolchains on Linux and OS X
7. You're familiar with service isolation, load balancing, heroku/aws/cloud
8. You're all about SCM, testing and devops practices for robust code maintenance
9. You've got many years of backend experience, a CS degree, and love to geek out on new tech

If you've got experience with lower level languages such as C/C++/Go or know about ML/NLP algorithms, that'd be huge. We're looking for self-starters who see around corners. If this sounds like a fit, we need to talk.

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Date Posted:
Jan 7, 2016 9:54 AM PST
Klue Inc.

Klue Inc.
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Klue is for the curious, the info seekers among us who need to know. We provide a continuously updated lens into your competitor's world, connecting dots to help you win more business. It is a new way to capture, manage and communicate insights from the web and across the company, in platforms you already use. Targeting enterprise B2B tech companies. more